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RCB Charter Night 2022

RC Bangalore is the oldest Club in Bengaluru and one of the earliest and among the largest in the country. On our Charter Night, we prepared a short film that spoke about our establishment, our history, and a few early projects. Here’s the link to the short film that was shown at Charter Night 2022
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RCB Talks

Rotary Talk is a program of RCB, whereby our host Rtn. Sandeep Ohri* speaks to eminent Rotarians and discuss about themselves and their Rotary Journey. * Episodes 3, 4 and 14 are hosted by Rtn. Gitesh Agarwal.

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Student Scholarships 2021-22

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Exemplars Award Winners 2022

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Rotary Project Reports

Rotators Issue 18 01st November 2021

108 Happy School

The Rotarian knew he had to build just not ordinary schools, but Happy Schools.

Rotators Issue 17 25th October 2021

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Rotators Issue 14 4th October 2021

RCB’S DREAMS TO REALITY – Quarterly Report

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Rotators Issue 11

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RBV Students have come out with flying colours

Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya

Rotary Club of Bangalore has always given importance to education and learning. Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya is one of the flagship projects of RCB where hundreds of children are provided education, mid day meal, books and uniforms. This year the school is introducing English medium education. In order to present a neat and clean and welcoming
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Rotators Issue 05 2nd August 2021

Rotary Fellowships RI District 3190

Theme Logos

Rotary Sahayoga

Message from “Shekhar Mehta” – Telugu

Message from “Shekhar Mehta” – Kannada

Message from “Shekhar Mehta”

Know your District Governor “Rtn. Fazal Mahmood”

DG Message

Iin Aankhon Ki Masti

It was a show that was performed to songs picturised on the Bollywood Diva Rekha an actress par excellence. To fill her shoes was impossible but the Rotary family tried it.The President Girish said “I want a show that will entertain as well as bring the Rotary family together for a fun filled evening” and
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Animal Ambulance Rabies Eradication Program

Handing over Animal ambulance to BBMP who is partnering with CARE in treating the injured animals and rabies affected dogs.Extremely Thankful to BBMP Chief Commissioner Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Special Commissioner BBMP Mr. Randeep, Joint Director BBMP, Mr. Manjunath Shinde, Mrs. Sudha Narayan, Managing Trustee, CARE Thanks to Bimal Auto and R K constructions for the
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Little Leaders Programme

On 24th July, the Youth Services Committee kicked off the Little Leaders Programme for the students of Tunbridge High School. The Champion for this event Rtn. Amit Bahirat gave an inspirational introduction on the qualities of an effective leader to the children, who were charged up and all set for the event, which will be
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Rotators Issue 04 26th July 2021

Rotators Issue 03 19th July 2021

Rotary Club donates animal ambulance to BBMP

The Rotary Club of Bangalore on Wednesday handed over an animal ambulance to the BBMP, which is partnering with CARE for the treatment of injured animals and rabies-infected dogs. BBMP Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta, BBMP Special Commissioner (Health) D Randeep, BBMP Joint Director Manjunath Shinde, and Sudha Narayan, Managing Trustee, CARE, were present. Bimal Auto
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How is your Phone Changing you?

On 17th July 2021, the Youth Services Committee conducted a motivational session for the children of Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya.The programme was well attended by students, parents and Rotarians alike.Our speaker, Mr. Girish Panicker, a corporate trainer and founder of Shaping Tree and Scooppin – a tech trainingplatform, handled the event beautifully. He kept the children
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Animal Ambulance

President & Board of Directors cordially invite you to handing over of “ANIMAL AMBULANCE” to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) who are partnering with M/s. CARE in treating the injured Animals and those affected with Rabis on Wednesday, 21st July 2021, at 11:00 am at ROtary House of Friendship, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru.

Adolescent Health Programme

Rotary Club of Bangalore partnering with Rajarajeswarinagar Medical College & Hospital distributed 4000 Nos. SanitaryPads to Adolescent Girls and Anganwadi workers in the locality at Attavar Hospital on Monday, 12th July at 11.00 am.Thanks to Rtn. Rashmi Attavar for championing this event. President Girish & Rtn. Elizabeth Zacharia participated in the event.

Support Frontline Warriors

During this pandemic it was decided to support Frontline Warriors, who have tirelessly discharged their duties day and night to save lives . The Community Service team along with President Gi rish, Secretary Gowri Oza, Medical Service Chair Dr. Sangamitra Gopal , District Governor Fazal Mahmood, District secretary D LV Sharma & Asst. Governor, Peeyush
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HOSA BELAKU – District Project

SUPPORT TO SLUM Rotary Club of Bangalore joined hands with Dist. 3190 and distributed 5000 masks at Doddananavar Slum with the support of Local police personnel.Thanks to Rtn. Prabhu Subramanian for championing this programme and to Director Hosa Belaku, Rtn. B K Krishnamurthy, Deputy Director M P Krishnan from District who took part in this
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Towards a New Era

PDG Rtn. Ravi Vadlamani’s inspiring address at the first committee meeting of Youth Services, highlighted the road map to be followed in the journey towards a New Era of Rotary.PDG Rtn. Ravi Vadlamani stressed on the fact that today, dual membership of both Rotary and Rotaract is possible, this gives us the opportunity to experience
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Feed Our Own Child & Family

During this economic crisis. The community services team decided to fight hunger in our own back yard by adopting FEED OUR OWN CHILD & FAMILY at RBV. We distributed Ration kits to 300 students and their families who had paid fees in full / part and also to the teachers and staffs. This will motivate
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Shri Arshad Mir Elected as new Chairman & Shri K.K Ramesh as new Co-Chairman

PEOPLE OF ACTION AT BGC (Bangalore Golf Club)

Compliments Rtn Vanita Singh  – A Public Image activity  PEOPLE OF  ACTION AT BGC  (Bangalore Golf  Club ) : – A small initiative by me on behalf of Rotary. They are the ones who face a stream of Golfers day in & day out. A perfect branding opportunity and a simple thought in COVID Times
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Genesis – Rotaract Club of Bangalore’s 51st Installation Ceremony

Rotaract Club of Bangalore’s 51st Installation Ceremony – GENESIS -Beginning of a New Era, was held at the Rotary House of Friendship with excitement running high among the BODs, New Members and especially. President Rtr.Joseph Wilson. The program began to the sweet notes of Rtr.Naren and Rtr.Namrata the hosts for the ceremony who rendered the
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RotoQuiz 2019 Mangalore Round

The 60th continuous edition of the RotoQuiz competition for the prestigious Ramnarayan Chellaram Shield commenced in Mangalore on 7th August 2019.

RotoQuiz at Mangalore 8th September 2019

Four years back  RCB collaborated with the Rotary Club of Mangalore to extend the popular Rotoquiz to the port city.Since then the event has grown from strength to strength.This year Rotoquiz Mangalore held on Sunday, September 8 had record entries, thanks to the sterling efforts of the Rotarians and Rotaractors of RCM. Rotary Club of
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Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya – Study Tour

An educational tour was arranged for the students of RBV. 87 students and 23 staff from the RBV school participated in the educational tour to Shravan Belagola, Haleebedu and Belur on the 27th of July. The tour started at 5 am from RBV with a visit to Shravana Belagola, and a close  darshan of the
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Rotators Issue 49 7th June 2021

Rotators Issue 50 16th June 2021

RCB has adopted King Cobra of Bannerghatta Biological Park in Bengaluru

There are four main roles of zoos today. They are: conservation, research, education and recreation.Breeding animals in captivity so they don’t become extinct. Zoos also work out in the wild conserving animals in their natural habitats.We all know that the zoos in Karnataka are short on funds and are struggling to manage the expenses.It gives
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LSN Trust and Rotary Bangalore: Distributing Masks

LSN Trust and Rotary Bangalore masks handed over to Mr Bhaskar Rao, ADG of Police Internal Security. We thank him for his support. As suggested by the Prime Minister of India, Mr Bhaskar Rao is also of the opinion that with safety measures on our part we will escalate the decline of Covid 19. Thanks
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Upgraded Primary Health Center

Health, Education & Environment have been the focus area of Team 2021. With Covid 19 raging unbridled & Governmental Primary Health Centres being the common man’s first option, we realised it is crucial that they are equipped adequately. Thus when PP Ranga Rao broached this subject with Mr. Sushanth, Stopak CFO, they readily agreed and
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“Krushi Connect” A Pro-Farmer initiative of Rotary

KrushiConnect is an initiative undertaken by the Rotary Clubs of RI Dist. 3190 to provide marketing support and visibility for rural farmers in better selling of their produce to the urban consumers through Rotarians as a medium. This also is an effort to reverse the migration by helping and improve the economic opportunities for small
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EGG BANK: Helping Children Remain Healthy

An apple a day…. has been replaced by an “Egg a day keeps the doctor away ” in this present pandemic situation. Egg has been proved to be a complete food with all required vitamins and proteins for all the ages. Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore and Rotary Club of Bangalore are the first clubs
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Wear The Mask

We are happy to launch our project on – Wear a mask – which is the need of the hour.Rotary Club of Bangalore and LSN Trust, are jointly distributing masks to needy communities and educating them on the correct use of the mask( cover nose and mouth).While Rotary Bangalore and LSN Trust are assisting society,
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Rotary Bangalore ICICI Prudential Dialysis Centre

Rotary Bangalore ICICI Prudential Dialysis Centre:Providing succour to Diabetics   Rotary Bangalore ICICI Prudential Dialysis Centre initiative was set up on 27 June 2011 with the inauguration of five dialysis machines initially at RRMCAH. The centre  was inaugurated by PRID Pandurang Setty and PDG M.N Suresh along with a host of dignitaries from RRMCAH and RCB.
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Rayasandra Roadsign School Update 30th October 2019

Rayasandra school roof casting on wednesday , Thanks to the constant follow up by Manjunath and Sridhar Chari

Geeta Ramanujam – Revival of the Art of Storytelling

Storytelling has been the most erudite form of communication from the time when reading and writing were not prevalent and a system of academia was unknown…bards who sang of the prowess of Kings by relating the stories to the common man to the stylish operas and closer to home the yakshagana and other dance forms
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Improv Show – The Adamant Eves

A weekly Monday rendezvous of the members of the Rotary Club of Bangalore was embellished with 40 minutes of high energy Improv entertainment. Improv short for Improvisation is a theatrical art form where everything is improvised or made up moment by moment. The audience played a participatory role by giving suggestions to the performers that
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Speaker Narendar Pani – An economist weighs the options

Who would have realized that an analogy about potato chips could reflect the factors affecting the economy of the country? Yes, such examples were precisely what Dr. Narender Pani, a renowned economist and journalist used to explain India’s economic situation in his talk on “5.5 trillion economy in 3 years…is India ready?” at RHF on
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73rd Independance Day Celebrations at RCB

INDEPENDENCE AND INTERDEPENDENCE HARMONIZE TO BLEND UNITY IN DIVERSITY. IN SPITE OF DIVERSE GEOGRAPHIES, RELIGIONS AND CULTURES, WE STAY UNITED. On the 73rd Independence Day, as we pay homage to the Freedom Fighters and pledge to walk on the path envisioned by the Visionary Nationalists, let us reiterate that all virtues begin at home. With
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Panel Discussion Water Security – Conservation and Rejuvenation

On Aug 19th we had a panel discussion on this very important topic by three experts moderated ably by our PP Rtn. K. Vijayakumar, a pioneer in hydroponics and organic farming. Scientist A R Shivakumar  highlighted that Bangalore has the luxury of plenty of rain and so the problem is not shortage but proper water
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Speaker Event – Knowledge Transfers from Ancient India

The Guest Speaker on Monday, 26th August, Dr. Raj Vedam provided an overview of how Indian history is distorted due to several malefic forces such as colonial Indologists who imposed a young chronology on India; Eurocentric scholars who sought a homeland for the “Aryans” in Central Asia, leading to the nefarious “Aryan Invasion/Migration Theory”; liberal
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Run for Rotary Koti-Nati & Green Energy 8th September 2019

Pride Run was held on Sunday 8th September 2019 at Bangalore, sponsored    by  four Rotary Clubs and Rotary District 3190. It was a run  in aid of  Rotary Koti – Nati and Green Energy.. Rotarians Ronald D’souza , MC Dinesh,  Amit Bahirat ,  Rotaractor Krishna Arjun, and Rtn Ronald’s son  Rahul participated in the pride
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Speaker Event – Being Heart Healthy Dr. Ranjan Shetty

 On Monday,September 9 the Chief Guest,Dr Ranjan Shetty addressed the members on ‘Being Heart Healthy’. He is HOD & Consultant – Department of Cardiology, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore. He is an expert in Coronary, Congenital Structural & Peripheral intervention and has performed more than 3000 angioplasties – very complex coronary and non-coronary interventions,
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RotoQuiz Bengaluru Preliminaries 15th September 2019

ROTACON – ICGF Youth Services 15th September 2019

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia! A project started by PP Rtn Zarir Bhata has taken momentum this Rotary year and this will be conducted by the International Service Committee under the Directorship of Rtn. Nalini Nanjundayya.  The Inner Wheel Clubs of the Dist 319 have also  expressed  an interest in partnering for this cause. Project Mamma Mia provides
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Bridging the Gap

The program  BRIDGING THE GAP was conducted on Thursday 25th July at the Rotary Club of Bangalore – an initiative of the International Services Committee of Rotary Club of Bangalore. The purpose of this program was to start the year with suggestions from the senior Rotarians on how Rotary activities can be improved and how
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Toccata plays for Rotary

Toccata Plays for Rotary. Toccata Musical Kreations, a musical group from the UK, performed for an enthralled audience of children, Rotarians and friends, at the Chowdiah Memorial hall on 16th August. Organised by the Rotary Club of Bangalore, this is a fund-raiser for the Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya, a school for underprivileged children .During the evening
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Train the trainer – WINS 7th November 2019

WINS Program After the successful launch, Rotary District 3190 conducted a “Train the Trainer” program for WINS on November 7th at Rotary Cantonment premises. This  program is being conducted zone-wise in two parts.  (1) Hand Washing Awareness  (2) Menstrual Health Management.  Rtn Nilesh Kapse, Rtn Dr Gertrude and Rotractor Joseph participated in this Train the
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Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya – Vocational Training Centre Inauguration

Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya (RBV) — Vocational Training Centre was inaugurated by the  District Governor Sameer Hariani on July 4. The courses offered to the students are tailoring, cookery, and electrical repair. It is hoped that these courses would not only equip the students to earn their  livelihood  but also to develop their skills and personality.
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Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya Vocational Training Centre

Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya – Vocational Training Centre Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya (RBV) — Vocational Training Centre was inaugurated by the  District Governor Sameer Hariani on July 4. The courses offered to the students are tailoring, cookery, and electrical repair. It is hoped that these courses would not only equip the students to earn their  livelihood  but
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Career Guidance RBV 25th August 2019

Team Vocational Service RCB, staff and  students of RBV thank Rtn Ganesh Balakrishnan, Chairman,District Career Guidance who  conducted the first session of Career Guidance and Counselling with a Power Point presentation  for the students of  the tenth standard in Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya . This is a part of  the 25 series Career Guidance programme, which
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Working towards making India 100% literate

Working towards making India 100% literate   Rotary District 3190 Literacy  Committee conducted a Level 11 Training and District Literacy Seminar  on Sunday 10th November at Rotary House of Friendship.The District Governor Sameer Hariani,PDG Manjunath Shetty, IPDG Suresh Hari, DGE Nagendra Prasad, DGN Fazal Mahmood, PDG Madhura Chatrapathy, PP Rajendra Rai and PP Ramesh V. R.
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Hearty Congratulations to IPP Rtn Elizabeth Cherian and Team of 2019- 20 for the Rotary Citation award. It is the most significant award a Rotary club can achive. The Finals of the RCB Yadalam Nanjaiah Setty debate was conducted successfully on 28th of September 2020. It was a landmark event by itself – a feast
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On October 31, RCB’s Voca_onal Service Commi_ee organized a session on “Financial Literacy – Good Money Habits” for college students. Final Year B.Ed students and Principals from five colleges – RV college, Vijaya College, Rajajinagar College, Al-amin College and MES College – par_cipated in the program. Rtn. Jigisha Rajguru kicked off the discussion and also
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History Created! 104 Participants Vie in World’s Longest Running Rotary ‘Rotoquiz 2019’

ROTOQUIZ Ramnarayan Chellaram Shield 16th September 2019

Mamma Mia 19th August 2019

On August 19 the International Services Committee, in continuation of the Mamma Mia project,  distributed 85  kits to  pregnant mothers at the  BBMP Urban Primary Health Centre ,  Shantinagar.Each kit comprises  1 baby blanket, 6 diapers, 6 vests, 2 plastic sheets, 1 baby bath towel, 1 nightie for the mother, 1 blanket for the mother,
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Kala for Vidya 7th and 8th March

The flagship Art exhibition will be held on 7th and 8th March 2020.

Ramnarayan Chellaram RotoQuiz turns 60 16th September 2019

     Roto Quiz is one of the most popular Annual programs of our club that has been generously supported by the family of Rtn. Ramnarayan Chellaram for 6 decades. The long awaited Roto Quiz happened on the 16th of September  @ RHF. Hall was filled with Rotarians, Rotaractors, Ramnarayan Chellaram’s family, Spouses, students and friends.
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UNLABEL mesmerizes Rotarians with music & dance

UNLABEL was a music & dance event with a difference, featuring talented youngsters with Autism & special needs. Presented by Mitra for Life & the Rotary Club of Bangalore, Youth Services Committee. The event was on zoom meet, streamed to FB live and YouTube live on 17th Oct, Saturday at 6 pm. The aim of
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AGC-21-22 – Community

AGC-21-22 – Youth

AGC-21-22 – International

AGC-21-22 – Public

AGC-21-22 – Club

AGC-21-22 – Vocational


BISS -ITW is a division of Illinois Tool Works in the USA. As part of their CSR project we showcased to them the gamut of services Rotary Club of Bangalore can offer. They looked at various projects and chose ‘school’ as the dearest for them.PP Ranga Rao and Rtn Magic Manju quickly got done a
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Rotators Issue 45 10th May 2021

Rotators Issue 44 3rd May 2021


Rotary club of Bangalore being a premier club in pursuit of community service , has predictably stood up to mitigate the sufferings of the Covid hit citizens  to the extent possible .The disaster has been of extreme proportions of trauma , ill health , and suffering that it is leaving in its wake . The
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Dosa Hut Covid outreach program

The Dosa hut response to this initiative has been … Dosa Hut has begun its outreach program to support the Rotary Club of Indias Covid initiative and being an established business that has seen success by serving up a taste of India, we now firmly believe, its time to pay India tribute, by serving back  support
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Primary Healthcare Centers

RCB is improve the PHCs. We propose to refurbish and improve the PHCs with basic amenities like waiting rooms, consulting rooms, bath rooms, a signboard at entrance, drinking water.  Special emphasis on examination table, BP apparatus and weighing scale. If there are facilities for in-patient admissions, clean cots, mattresses, bed sheets, pillows should be made
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Palar Guttahalli Eco-restoration Program

A Joint Project of Rotary Club of Bangalore  Vyakti Vikas Kendra  Rotary Koti Nati Initiative Rotary Environment Foundation About Rotary Club of Bangalore In 86th year of service to the community 270+ members Focused on uplifting communities Seven Focus Areas Significant Projects ACHIEVEMENTS OF AOL – YouTube Links Documentary on Art of Living Naganadhi River
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A Covid-19 Vaccination Drive was successfully organized by Rotary Club of Bangalore, Rotary Bangalore Orchards, Trustwell Hospitals and Amazing Care Online Specialist Clinics & Home Care Services. The Vaccination Drive kick started on April 21st after its Inauguration by DG Rtn. Nagendra Prasad.The response from the public was overwhelming on all the days of the
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Rotators Issue 43 26th April 2021

Rotators Issue 42 19th April 2021

Rotators Issue 41 12th April 2021

The pandemic, COVID 19 has been nothing short of a disaster in our country. With the imposition of yet another lockdown, the underprivileged and the migrant community of Bangalore were yet again left to face uncertain times. Of the many problems faced by the marginalized community, food has been a primary point of concern. Rotary
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Rotators Issue 39 29th March 2021

Tarunya – ICGF YS

Tarunya – ICGF Youth Services was held at Chikkaballapur BGS Campus. We are proud to say that Rtr. Krishnarjun of RCB  Seshadripuram in his debut performance won the 2nd place in the Yuva Badminton Tournament for Rota. The ICGF started with the sports events in the morning (Cricket and Badminton) followed by the main proceedings
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Rotators Issue 38 22nd March 2021


Donation of Flooring Tiles to Tribal school VGKK in B. R. Hills During the Youth Services Committee’s recent visit to VGKK school in BR Hills, it was noticed that there was an urgent requirement for building materials for the construction of new classrooms and an auditorium.Fortunately, President Vincent remembered that a stock of tiles was
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Any activity that combines service and fun is something to look forward to. On Sunday, March 14, a team from RCB headed to BR Hills to complete a few projects at the VGKK School. Plus bond with nature, particularly wildlife. The primary reason for the trip, of course, was the RYLA at the VGKK School
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“India is a source of envy and concern in Pakistan.” A first hand report on Indo-Pak Relations and the hurdles in achieving peace. On 15th March, the Peace and Harmony Fellowship Group of the International Service Committee hosted a talk by Mr. Anand Arni, on the subject of Indo-Pak Relations -Glimpses of Pakistani Perspective and
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On March 14, a Blood donation Camp was conducted by Karnataka Chapter of International Vaish Federation Youth Wing, along with Rotary-TTK Blood Bank at the Rotary House of Friendship. The camp was inaugurated by Shri Sanjeev Kumar Bansal, General Secretary of IVF, Vineet Saraogi, Event Convenor IVF and Reshma Lakhotia, Program Director IVF. Shri Sanjeev
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Rotators Issue 37 15th March 2021

The Rotary Theatre is active again …

On 7th March, the Rotary Theatre Club held an online reading of a play called “Sunday Brunch at the Gymkhana.” It was written by Rtn. Vijay Padaki and we read under his able direction! It was a story around a group of friends coming to terms with the colonial era rules and regulations in a
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Cyclothon to celebrate International Women’s Day

Ten Rotary Clubs of Bangalore District 3190 got together on Sunday, March 7 to celebrate Gender Equality through an event in the form of a Cyclothon. The ride with over 100 cycling participants started at the Century Club and was flagged off by Pramod Despande, the well-known Chief Coach and driving force behind JJs Jayanagar
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Rotators Issue 36 8th March 2021


RID 3190’s First Ever Cooking Contest The District Club Service team successfully conducted a ‘first of its kind’ event in Rotary – the *Rotary MasterChef cooking contest* on 20 & 21 February, 2021. The two-day event had around 34 participants with 7 finalists and 3 winners. Every attempt was made to create a World-class cooking
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RCB has been involved in the restoration of a lake in Challahalli near Rajakunte, and is now planning to take up a meaningful project for restoration of another lake. In this context we thought it would be very interesting to listen to the experiences and success stories of other Rotary Clubs of Bangalore in this
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Rotaract Club of Bangalore, Seshadripuram, RID 3190, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Ulsoor, organized a Menstrual Health and Hygiene Session as part of Project “Sthree” on 26 February 2021. The venue for the event was BBMP Girls School & College, Frazer Town, Bangalore. The session was conducted from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Rtr. Sushma
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Rotators Issue 35 1st March 2021

Celebrating 116 Birthday of Rotary

On February 23, 2021 was Rotary’s 116th Birthday. That day is also called World Understanding and Peace Day. On February 23, 1905, Paul Harris and his three friends surely did not realize what they were starting when they met in room 711 of the Unity Building in Chicago. That was the beginning of the Rotary
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RCB lays out the red carpet for District Governor’s Visit

On Monday, 22nd February, Team RCB led by President Vincent Raj, laid out the red carpet for District Governor, Rtn. Nagendra Prasad, during his Governor’s Official Visit (GOV) at the Rotary House of Friendship. The superb band from our Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya (RBV) welcomed the DG to the venue, which was elegantly and meticulously decorated.
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Rotators Issue 34 22nd February 2021

Rotators Issue 31 1st February 2021

Republic Day Celebration at RBV

As per our tradition, we celebrated the 72nd Republic Day in our very own Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya, Nagadevanahalli. The Students of RBV had rehearsed for this day and put in a lot of effort to show that they were the Future of our Country. The program began with a Guard of Honour to all the
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Rotators Issue 30 25th January 2021

Home Baking

A day’s Home baking work shop was conducted by Rotary Club of Bangalore along with Rotary Kengeri Upanagara. It was a great success with good response. 35 housewives from in and around the area and some of our RBV teachers also attended the program. Three chefs from the baking department of a 5 star hotel
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Rotators Issue 29 18th January 2021

Bringing Digital Age to tribal pupils of BR Hills

On 7 January, RCB distributed 48 Lenovo Tabs with SIM cards to the tenth standard students of a school run by GVKK for the tribes at BR Hills. RCB has been associated with this institution, founded by Dr. H. Sudarshan, for the past 15 years, supporting them with medical facilities, an ambulance and improvements to
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January 10, 2021 marked the beginning of RCB’s (perhaps Rotary’s) most ambitious project in the area of Environment. Following several months of detailed planning and multiple site visits, with active cooperation of the Environment Foundation at District level, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Art of Living to undertake a massive Eco Restoration
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Rotators Issue 28 11th January 2021

SAMHITA: ICGF-Club Service

Rotary District 3190 organised its first ICGF – Club Service of 2021, “SAMHITA” on January 2, at Bangalore Palace Ground. The event was managed by Rotary Club Peenya and Rotary Bangalore Central. 850-900 people participated from various clubs. District Gov. Rtn B.L. Nagendra Prasad gave the opening speech, welcoming all the speakers and fellow Rotarians.
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Rotators Issue 27 4th January 2021

Gift A Tab: Bringing the Digital Age to RBV Students

On December 29, in a crisp and well-conducted event, RCB distributed Tabs with Pre-loaded subjects to 45 Students of Classes 9 and 10 of Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya. The Chief Guest of the event was Shri Anbukkumar, IAS, Commissioner for Public Instruction, GOK. The Guests of Honour were: Shri. Prakash, Block Education Officer Bangalore South, Shri.
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It was a winter evening of a year that has highlighted the precarious nature of everything from health, to well-being, to our future as a globalised community. The special evening with dancer par xcellence Smt Priyadarshini Govind showed how art allows the light to come into our lives, even as we cope with unprecedented change.
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Rotary Club of Bangalore with NSRCEL held the 3rd Startup Hackathon on Dec. 6. Due to Covid19 it was entirely online. We had 50 registrations from over 25 colleges. As in earlier hackathons, prior to the final event we had a session on Lean Canvas, an effective tool for business planning, followed by mentoring of
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Rotators Issue 23 07th December 2020

Rotators Issue 22 30th November 2020

Rotators Issue 21 23rd November 2020

First Lady Rotarian of RCB & District 3190

We are proud to say that our member Late Dr. Sita Bhateja was the First Lady Rotarian of RCB & District 3190 Dr. Sita Bhateja joined in 1989

Rotary EPF – End Polio Fellow

The End Polio Project was started in1979 by RI. Soon it took shape of eradicating the Polio Virus from the world. Today the world is “nearly” free of the dreadful Polio Virus. The proud recipients of EPF Pins and honour for their contribution towards the cause of Polio are PP Ranga Rao. Rtn.Naveen Sridhar &
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Rotators Issue 20 16th November 2020

Rotators Issue 19 9th November 2020

DG Nagendra Prasad releasing the posters of RCB Covid Initiative

Rotators Issue 18 2nd November 2020

Rotators Issue 17 26th October 2020

Rotators Issue 16 19th October 2020

Certificate Of Appreciation

This is Presented to Mrs. Nalini Nanjundaya.On behalf of the Karnataka State Forest Department it gives immense pleasure to thank you for recognising and supporting our forest guards with basic necessities through the Project-“Vanya Rakshaka” on the occasion of Wildlife Week 2020. Thank you for your contributions Amith GowdaRange Forest OfficerNagarahole Wildlife Range


COVID-19 cases continue to be on the rise, particularly in Bengaluru and Karnataka. One of the factors for the continuing spread is non-adherence to safety protocols. Fatigue has set in over months of observance of safety rules and isolation. A false sense of normalcy after the easing of restrictions, adds to the problem.Citizens need to
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Hearty Congratulations to IPP Rtn Elizabeth Cherian and Team of 2019- 20 for the Rotary Citation award. It is the most significant award a Rotary club can achive. During the year that was more challenging for many Rotarians around the world, RCB demonstrated a commitment to achive its goals, which ultimately helps strengthen Rotary and
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Rockstar President for the month of September awarded to Rtn. Vincent P. Raj.

Rotators Issue 13 28th September 2020

Bangalore Medical Services Trust (BMST)

a   not-for-profit   organization,   was established by the Rotary Club of Bangalore and TTK & Company in 1984. All people on board the flight were killed. Among them was Dr Homi Jehangir Bhabha, the man hailed as the father of India’s n BMST,  initially  set  up  to  provide  blood-banking  services  through  its  division,  the  Rotary Bangalore-TTK Blood
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Rotators Issue 12 21st September 2020

Rotators Issue 11 14th September 2020

Rotators Issue 10 10st September 2020

Rotators Issue 09 31st August 2020