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Rotators Issue 39 – 01 April 2024

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Rotator General 72-73 November 1972

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Rotator General 72-73 July 04 1972

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Rotator General 72-73 June 1972

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Rotator General 71-72 June 1971

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Rotator General 69-70 July 1969

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Rotator General 66-67 June 1966

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Rotator General 56-57 June 1957

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Rotator General 55-56 Book July 1955

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Rotators Issue 27 – 08th January 2024

Rotators Issue 26 – 01st January 2024

Rotators Issue 25 – 27th December 2023

Rotators Special Issue – 17th December 2023

RCB Spelling Bee 2024

“Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” -Pearl Strachan Hurd The 89-year-young Rotary Club of Bangalore (RCB) has a rich heritage in “service to society”. It has a successfully active Youth Service Wing devoted to building and providing life changing opportunities to our nation’s young.The RCB Spelling Bee is one such
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Rotators Issue 23 – 11th December 2023

Project Kali

On the occasion of Children’s Day Solidarity Foundation had a day out with the children of Marginalized Community at Cubbon park. Since serving food is not permitted inside the park, Rotary Club of Bangalore provided the fecility for the children and volunteers to sit down and have their lunch provided by Solidarity Foundation.Thank you to
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Rotators Issue 22 04th December 2023

Rotators Issue 21 27th November 2023

An orientation session at New Horizon P.U. College

An orientation session at New Horizon P.U. College serves as an essential introduction for prospective members, typically new students and their families, providing insight into the college’s ethos, facilities, academic approach, and extracurricular offerings. During this session: The orientation session at New Horizon P.U. College aims to acclimate newcomers to the institution’s culture, values, and
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Transformation of Rural Labour Ward into Solar-Efficient Unit

Our ongoing pilot project aimed at converting a rural labor ward into a sustainable, energy-efficient facility has been steadily progressing. This innovative initiative, driven by the benevolent support of Kavita Muthappa and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), embodies our commitment to improving healthcare infrastructure in rural areas. Key advancements in the project include: The unwavering support
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Rotators Issue 20 20th November 2023

Rotary Club of Bangalore’s Successful Blood Donation Camp!

A momentous occasion unfolded as RCB organized a Blood Donation Camp at New Horizon Public School on November 18th. The community’s response was overwhelming, leading to the collection of a remarkable 101 units of life-saving blood! Heartfelt gratitude goes to Mrs. Anupama Sethi, Principal of New Horizon Public School, Rotary TTK Blood Bank members, and
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A Night of Generosity & Cricket Magic!

Sunil Gavaskar, the legendary cricketer, graced the Rotary Club of Bangalore’s fundraiser with Heart to Heart Foundation, amplifying the spirit of philanthropy for pediatric heart surgeries. With a commitment to making a difference in children’s lives, the event was a monumental success! Rotarians Ram Seshu, Ranga Rao, and Pradeep Rao orchestrated the evening, setting the
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The Eye Camp held at RBV

The Eye Camp held at RBV today was a remarkable initiative dedicated to promoting eye health and awareness. This event served as a beacon of hope, providing crucial eye care services and screenings to individuals within the community. Led by a team of experienced ophthalmologists, optometrists, and volunteers, the Eye Camp offered comprehensive eye examinations,
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Promoting AMRACE (Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness and Containment Exercise) using VaidyaRx in Silchar, Assam.

This project signifies a concerted effort towards combating the global threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). VaidyaRx, a pioneering platform harnessing technology and healthcare expertise, has been instrumental in driving awareness and containment strategies within the Silchar community. Through this initiative, VaidyaRx aims to educate and empower both healthcare professionals and the general public about the
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Donation of sanitary napkins

In a heartwarming gesture, 2000 packets of sanitary pads were recently donated to Mahila Dakshata Samithi, an NGO providing shelter and support to battered women. This generous contribution, made possible by Rtn. Girish Ramnathan and Arogya Seva, aims to address a critical need for hygiene essentials, ensuring the well-being and dignity of these resilient women.
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Namma Bandipura Mega Project

Witness the transformative impact of the Namma Bandipura Mega Project’s Mega Medical & Dental Camp on November 7th, 2023! Medical Camp Highlights: Environmental Consciousness: Mega Project Completion Highlights: Acknowledgments:Thanks to collaborators, sponsors, volunteers, and the local community for their unwavering support. Together, we’re fostering sustainable change in Bandipur! #NammaBandipura #CommunityEngagement #HealthCare #EnvironmentalConservation

The launch of the cervical cancer awareness program at RBV

Today marked a significant milestone in healthcare advocacy. With an enthusiastic turnout and robust engagement, the event showcased a successful kickstart to a vital initiative aimed at educating, screening, and promoting early detection among women. Through informative sessions, expert talks, and interactive activities, the program generated awareness, fostering a community-driven approach to combatting cervical cancer.
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Rotators Issue 19 11th November 2023


Utkarsh, a Rotary Inter- School Quiz Contest was organized by Rotary Bangalore DownTown on 4th Nov, 2023 at KSRP Police Public School, Koramangala, Bangalore. Students from more than 120 schools participated in the quiz contest.The following students from Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya participated in the Inter- School Quiz Contest- 8th Std. English medium – Darshan G8th
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Rotators Issue 18 06th November 2023

NCC CADET program

Program was attended by 300+ NCC Cadets. Some pictures from the training.

Shining Bright: The Success of the Rotary Club of Bangalore’s Film Festival for a Cause

In a remarkable first for Rotary Clubs in India, the Rotary Club of Bangalore unveiled the “RCB Film Festival for a Cause.” This groundbreaking initiative, helmed by President Rtn Nalini Nanjundayya (a dreamer and a visionary), ventured into a new area of service – promoting and supporting social causes through the medium of film. The
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Little Leaders Program Finale

The Finale of the Little Leaders Program was held on Saturday, 28th October at Tunbridge High School. The whole program was conceptualized, planned and conducted by the Little Leaders themselves. The program began with a Grand Welcome with a Guard of Honor for the Rotarians. It was followed by a welcome address by A Student
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A successful mental health session conducted at Manjunatha nagar government school.

A successful mental health session was conducted today at Manjunatha nagar government school. Thank you to Rtn. Jyothi and Rtn. Anand Bindagi.The children received it well.

Rotators Issue 17 30th October 2023

DigitALL – Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality

Vocational Service committee conducted a training “DigitALL”, in association with “Aspire For Her” at BMS College for women on 17th August. It was a well received program with 200 girl students from the first year commerce degree attending. The UN Women’s theme for IWD2023 is “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality” – to bring
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Rotators Issue 16 16th October 2023

Mindful Parenting Session at Tunbridge High School

Mindful Parenting Session at Tunbridge High School in association with Soroptomist International of Bangalore by Ms. Anita R Belagodu.

Talk on Sustainability

On 16th October 2023, Rtn. Sayamdeb Mukherjee conducted a talk on Sustainability for the 8th, 9th and 10th Std students of Tunbridge High School. He introduced to the students the need for having a sustainable world and the means to achieve it. He explained about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which are adopted by the
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Rotators Issue 15 09th October 2023

Rotators Issue 14 02nd October 2023

Rotators Issue 13 25th September 2023

Project Dialysis  

RCB donated TWO more Dialysis machine to Doddabellapur Government hospital ( Rural ) .   Waiting list of patients was 20.   Project cost. Rs 15 lacs.   Sponsored by SUBHASH BHAGARIA FOUNDATION.    Thanks to champion Rtn KAVITHA MUTHAPPA for getting sponsorship   Thanks to president and all Rotarians for taking part in this event. Cheers  Date : 22/09/2023
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RCB Flea Market!

It’s on *Saturday, 16th Sep,* and open to the public from *10am to 6pm,* at *Rotary House of Friendship, Lavelle Road.*  We’re encouraging *home businesses* owned by Women and the LGBTQIA+ fraternity.  There will be a variety of products (see image) incl a number of live counters, serving a wide range of food.  Please help
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Installation Ceremony of the Interact Club of New Horizon Gurukul

Installation Ceremony of the Interact Club of New Horizon Gurukul happened this morning . Today 250 Interactors from the school were installed with Interact Club badges and it’s the highest numbers of Installation done for any institution so far Date : 15/09/2023 Direct beneficiaries : 250 Man hours : 12 Rotarians involved: 2 Retractors : 0 Project cost: 5000 Funding :
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Chakra Series 

On Friday, 15th September, Chakra Series – an ode to Military Leadership in our Armed Forces was kicked off at Tunbridge High School and it was conducted by our very own Rtn. Col. Dinesh Kumar Singh Deo.  It was a session about the stories of the exemplary leadership, decision making skills, the bravery and sacrifices
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Rotators Issue 12 20th September 2023

Rotators Issue 11 11th September 2023

Free Cataract Surgery Camp

If you would like to get in touch to see how you can help, please reach out to Rotary Club of Bangalore

World suicide prevention day

We were delighted to be a part of a revolutionary initiative for suicide prevention on World suicide prevention day hosted by our parent club, Rotary club of Bangalore. We took part in a walkathon and an awareness session jointly hosted by Mind Crusaders of Rotary District 3192 post the walkathon. We are sharing the helpline
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Rotators Issue 10 06th September 2023

RYLA at western ghats, Samse Govt school

We had a RYLA training program at Government High School Samse in the heart of the western ghats near kalasa. The training was attended by 65 high school students. They were introduced to the concepts of Public Speaking, Confidence, winning mindset, career and eteachIndia Orientation. We had an Army soldier talk about a career in
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Congratulations to Rtn Dr Mustali Vagh on receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to Rtn Dr Mustali Vagh on receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Rotary National Multi District Conference on Community Service in Ophthalmology at Mysore.

Water For Voiceless

Rtn Krishnan and Smt Supriya from water for voiceless creating awareness of water for voiceless at KPS govt primary and high school at Indiranagar Bengaluru Date : 2/9/2023Project cost : 1000000Funding : self fundDirect beneficiaries :500Man hours : 60Rotarians involved : 10Rotaractors involved : 0

Tree planting at Govt high school Rekhalegre

Date : 2/9/2023Project cost : 1000000Funding : self fundDirect beneficiaries :500Man hours : 100Rotarians involved : 10Rotaractors involved : 0

Installation of the 55th President of Rotaract Club of Bangalore

Felicitation of DGN Rtn. Dr. Elizabeth, President Rtn. Nalini, Secretary Rtn. Raghunath and YSD Rtn. Solomon at the Installation of the 55th President of Rotaract Club of Bangalore – Rtr. Pujashree Kalyanshetty.

Celebrating Culture at the Indo French International Festival

Rtn. Vasantha Vaikunt performed a traditional dance in the prestigious Indo French international festival representing our country at Alliance Frances at 11:30 am on 27th August. Area of focus : Mental wellnessDate : 18/08/2023Project cost : 1000Funding : self fundDirect beneficiary : 300Man hours : 6Rotarians involved : 2

Onam celebrations at RCB

Building Strong Minds for Bright Futures

Area of focus : Mental wellnessDate : 18/08/2023Project cost : 1000Funding : self fundDirect beneficiary : 300Man hours : 6Rotarians involved : 2

Wheels of Generosity for Community Service

Donation vanArea of focus : Community DevelopmentDate : 28/08/2023Project cost : 1.7 lackDirect Beneficiary : 10000Man hours : 6Rotarians involved : 2

Rotators Issue 09 28th August 2023

Rotators Issue 08 21st August 2023

Healthcare Outreach in DoddaMalur and Channapatna District: 80 Cataract and 30 GP Consultations during Total OPD Check-ups should and total OPD check-ups

RBV children watching the landing of Chandrayan3

Van Donated to Solidarity Foundation

RCB Signed a Sister Club Agreement with Rotary Club of Port City Sri Lanka

2nd Installation Ceremony of President and Office Bearers

ABHEDYA The 2nd Installation Ceremony of President and Office Bearers of Rotaract Club of RRCE for the Rota year 2023-24 was held on Friday, 28th July 2023 at the RajaRajeswari College of Engineering. The Ceremony was wonderfully organized and the students of RRCE extended their overwhelming support by being present at the event. Rtn. Solomon
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DigitALL – Digital skill development for women

Create a generation of financially independent women by turning their careeraspiration into action.Equipping women to be part of digital skilling revolution in IndiaFirst training at BMS Womens college, today 17th august — 190 Attendees

Installation of office Bearers Interact Club Of New Horizon Public School

“Sensitisation to Mental Health“ at Maarga hospital

Chair Rtn Krishnan and Community service director Rtn Ashok Kalyan Shetty attended the Program on “sensitisation to mental health “ at Maarga hospital

ROTARY CLUB OF BANGALORE’s initiative “CHAKRATHON –Pedal for India” to Celebrate 76th Independence

ROTARY CLUB OF BANGALORE’s initiative “CHAKRATHON –Pedal for India” to Celebrate 76th IndependenceConnects with All India Rotary Clubs to promote Cycling for Health and Environment Bangalore, August 9, 2023: Rotary Club of Bangalore (RCB) a 89 Year old and largest Club in India is stepping up with unique initiative of a Mega Cycling Event CHAKRATHON
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3rd Session of Little Leaders Society at Tunbridge High School

A Mega job fair for seniors was conducted by NMT and Rotary Club of Bangalore

Nightengales Medical Trust is an NGO helping seniors since 1998.NMT promotes community-based support systems for senior citizens through projects aimed towards Dementia care social integration Livelihood etc.A Mega job fair for seniors was conducted by NMT and Rotary Club of Bangalore on 20 August from 1030 to 4 o’clock at the St Joseph’s College.The job
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Rotary Club of Bangalore organized an Art Therapy session.

Rotary Club of Bangalore organized an Art Therapy session on 23 August at the Government High School at Bidalur at 1030 for the 9 and 10 std students by Rtn Jyothi from Kalaynagar Rotary Club.Rtn Rashmi T Rtn Anand Rtn Vijay and Rtn Sneha attended the event. An eye camp was organized by Rtn Dr
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Rotators Issue 07 15th August 2023

Empowering Vision: Rotary Clubs and Samarthanam Trust Unite for Trinetra Cricket Match

On Aug 6th, Rotary Club of Bangalore along with other Rotary clubs of District 3192 and samarthanam trust for disabled participated in Trinetra, vision is a state of the mind, for the visually challenged. This was an exhibition cricket match for the Blind Indian Cricket team. Rotary clubs in the district supported Team India (blind
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Embracing Friendship Day: A Heartwarming Visit to Nightingales Sandhya Old Age Home

We had the wonderful opportunity to join the community service team for a visit to Nightingales Sandhya: old age home on the occasion of friendship day! We really appreciate the spirit and enthusiasm of the elderly.

Speaker session at Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Speaker session at Ramaiah Institute of Technology *On 14th July 2023, the Youth Services Avenue Kick started with its first event, a speaker session by Rtn. Vasantha Vaikunt on the topic “Emotional Intelligence” for the students of Ramaiah Institute of Technology. About 250 students pursuing their 2nd Year Engineering attended the Session. It was very
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RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)

RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is an intensive leadership experience organized by Rotary clubs and districts where you develop your skills as a leader while having fun and making connections. Rotary Club of Bangalore in association with eTeachIndia and Rotaract Club of Swarna Bengaluru conducted a RYLA at Gangadhareshwara High School Bagalagunte. From introduction of
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Emotional Quotient training for the teachers of RBV

Emotional Quotient training for the teachers of RBV* . We have engaged a professional agency, PEPKIDZ LEARNING PRIVATE LIMITED to conduct this program Impact: Better handling of the emotional aspects of students at RBVProgram Duration: 6 months- Online and in person training. Inauguration: August 5th 2023 at 9.30 AM in RBV. This will also be
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Rotators Issue 06 07th August 2023

Financial Awareness Session by Rtn. Bharath at Raintree School, Jayanagar

Model United Nations 2023

The inaugural ceremony of Model United Nations, or MUN, conducted by Delhi Public School in association with the Rotary Club of Bangalore was held on 3rd August 2023 at DPS Whitefield. MUN serves as a catalyst for promoting responsible citizenry among youth, which is a fundamental pillar of a modern society. MUN not only provides
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Nitin Shah, owner of Sapna Book House, donated 150 books

Donating the RBV Library’s old books to the Sa-Mudra Foundation, which is dedicated to enhancing the mental health of youth.

Distribution of school uniforms to students of RBV


Rotary Club of Bangalore, in association with Rotary Club of Madras, Rotary Club of Mangalore and Rotary Club of Cochin warmly invites your institution to participate in the 64th Annual Edition of The Ramnarayan Chellaram Inter-Institution Quiz Competition – ROTOQUIZ 23- which is the “THE LONGEST RUNNING LIVE QUIZ IN THE WORLD”. Registration Link: This
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 Rotary Club of Bangalore, in association with Rotary Club of Madras, Rotary Club of Mangalore and Rotary Club of Cochin warmly invites your institution to participate in the 64th Annual Edition of The Ramnarayan Chellaram Inter-Institution Quiz Competition – ROTOQUIZ 23- which is the “THE LONGEST RUNNING LIVE QUIZ IN THE WORLD”.  This edition which
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Trinetra Vision Is A State Of Mind

On Aug 6th, Rotary Club of Bangalore along with other Rotary clubs of District 3192 and samarthanam trust for disabled participated in Trinetra, vision is a state of the mind, for the visually challenged. This was an exhibition cricket match for the Blind Indian Cricket team. Rotary clubs in the district supported Team India (blind
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The 10th Installation of the President and Office Bearers of Rotaract Club of Swarna Bengaluru was held on Sunday, July 16th 2023 at Rotary Bangalore Udyog. It was a grand ceremony which was very well organized and attended. Rtn. Solomon Paramel, Youth Service Director, Rotary Club Of Bangalore and Rtn. Meera Bai Shankar, Club Advisor
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Rotators Issue 05 31st July 2023

Public Speaking, Effective communication and reading skill session at Raintree school Jaynagar

We had 60 students attend our Training program today at Raintree school Jaynagar.The students were introduced to concepts of Public Speaking and asked to practically use the skills they learnt and were given feedback.Session also touched upon effective communication and reading skills.The session started with a quiz based on a wildlife video which is entirely
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Maternal and Child Health-Community Services

Community Service Projects – July

Little Leaders

Rotators Issue 04 24th July 2023

Rotators Issue 03 17th July 2023

Rotary launched a new program ‘Bridge to the Future’

Rotary Club of Bangalore celebrated ‘Charter night’. On this day, we launched a new program ‘Bridge to the Future’ which is a new initiative that brings together the Past, Present, and Future on one platform. A program that fosters mentorship, exchange of ideas, discussions on the way forward for the club for the next decade.
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Rotary Maarga Suicide Prevention Helpline

9900035245 is the suicide helpline number released at Installation function of @rotarycityplatinum board members. This is a joint project between Rotary Club of Bangalore and Rotary Platinum City where Rotary Platinum City is the lead club.

Eye Check-Up Camp Conducted for Students

Eye check-up camp conducted Frida 14th July for approximately 300 students from1) Government Urdu Primary School2) Maulana Azad English Medium High School3) Kannada Higher Primary SchoolSpecial thanks to Rtn Ravikumar and Rtn Dr. Diwakar and his team for making this happen.

Rotators Issue 02 10th July 2023

The Rotary Club of Bangalore flying At the peak of the “World’s Highest Motorable Road” Umling La.

Create hope in the World

Elevate and Alleviate

Rtn. Veena Sraswati visited Marco Island, Florida USA. Noontime Rotary and presented them a RCB flag

Rotators Issue 01 01st July 2023

RCB conducted the Manovikasa district program for interactors at RBV by Rotary Mental health awareness committee.

The Mindcrusaders are conducting Art therapay for self realisation for 9th and 10th students at Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya.

Rotators Issue 48 19th June 2023

Rotators Issue 47 12th June 2023

Rotators Issue 46 05th June 2023

Voices of the Endangered Competition

RULES AND GUIDELINES Last date for submission, Sunday, June 18th 2023 before 11 pm Competition is open to ALL schools and ALL students from 4TH to 12TH Standard There is no registration fee and all submissions are free All students can enter all categories but limited to one submission per category Each entry to be
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Winners List – Voices of the Endangered Competition

Click here to Know more about this Competition Click here to Know more about this Competition

Natanotsava 2023

Register Now The Youth Service team of the Rotary Club of Bangalore, presents one of its most popular and prestigious events, the 6th Edition of “Natanotsava” a non-competitive performance platform for budding artists of Indian Classical Dance. There are 8 Classical Dance forms of India which have been learnt and taught not just in our country but
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Rotators Issue 45 29th May 2023

Rotators Issue 44 22nd May 2023

Rotators Issue 43 15th May 2023

Cyclothon 2023

Register Now On account of World Bicycle Day, the Youth Service wing of The Rotary Club of Bangalore takes pleasure in inviting you to participate in CYCLOTHON to be held on 3rd June 2023. Below are the event details – Date – 3rd June 2023 Registration Fee –         Rs. 200/- Exclusively for Students Under
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Inauguration of happy schoolat Avalakuppe, NelamangaIa

On 29th March, members of the Rotary Club of Bangalore went for the inauguration of the Happy school at Avalakuppe, Nelamangala. The project was sponsored by M/s. Recipharm Pharmaservices Pvt. Ltd. at a cost of Rs. 14 lakhs, thanks to Rtn. Kavita Muthapp. The funds were used to construct one staff and two student bathrooms;
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Rotators Issue 39 03rd April 2023


Music, an art of producing pleasing expressive combination of tone with melody, rhythm and harmony. It is therapeutic, improves our mood, reduces anxiety, used to communicate information and emotions, antidote to loneliness. With the summer camp still going on we had an informative and fun time at the library with Music Pandit. It was learning
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Inauguration of Dialysis Machine at Government Hospital, Kanakapura

On 22nd April, President Rtn. Sanjay Udani along with Community Service Director Rtn. Solomon Paramel and members of Rotary Club of Bangalore inaugurated the Dialysis machine at Government Hospital in Kanakapura, at the cost of Rs.7.5 lakhs and was sponsored by M/s. P.D.Navkar Bio Chem Pvt Ltd. We thank Rtn Sohil Shah for getting us
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Rotary Club of Bangalore donates 3 Ambulances

On Monday 24th April, Rotary Club of Bangalore donated 3Ambulances to –The Nightingales – Elder Care CentreThe Home of Hope – Shelter for the HomelessThe Burns Ward – Victoria HospitalEach of the beneficiary received a Maruti Eeco Ambulance, complete with advanced Hospital Kits. This is expected to benefit 5,000 people annually.Dr. Radha Murthy, Co-founder of
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RCB conducted a Blood Donation Camp at AdishaktiCars Pvt. Ltd, Hebbal and collected 19 units of Blood.


FORUMS – a game changer for Entrepreneursa Joint Meeting with Rotary Bangalore Midtown& Rotary Bengaluru Manyata

On 8th of May, Mr Jimmy Mistry, who is a social entrepreneur, designer and hotelier was our special guest for the evening-who gave a talk on ‘Forums-a game changer for entrepreneurs’. Mr Mistry spoke candidly about his humble background and his life journey and how after facing many obstacles-he founded the world’s first business platform-The
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Rotators Issue 42 08th May 2023

Rotators Issue 41 16th April 2023

Rotators Issue 40 16th April 2023

Yuva Yamini 2023

We invite you to participate in Yuva Yamini with the approval of your Guru.           – If you are between 6-18 years of age                           –  as a vocalist or instrumentalist                                – as an individual or as a group.  Groups of up to 5 are allowed to participate as one entry. Instrumental accompaniment is
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Rotary Club of Bangalore is proud to announce the 33rd year of the Annual ROTARY YADALAM NANJAIAH SETTY INTER-COLLEGIATE DEBATE COMPETITION 2023 The Rotary Yadalam Nanjaiah Setty Inter-Collegiate Debate is a well-established and successful competition organised and promoted by Rotary Club of Bangalore.  For the first time, it is being done in conjunction with Rotary
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The Youth Service committee conducted “Rotary Premier League 2023” an annual event consisting of multiple sports, such as Table Tennis, Badminton, Tennis, Snooker, Golf, Chess, Bridge, and Scrabble. Teams participating in this year’s edition were, Vineetha’s Panthers, Omana’s Tigers, Sangamitra’s Sharks, Pooja’s Hawks. A total participation of 54 members for all the sporting events held
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On 27th March, Rotary House of Friendship was decorated to welcome Rotarians and guests who were dressed traditionally. All were welcomed with Bevu Bella, colourful bangles and bindies for the ladies. Flowers adorned the stage and hall.President Sanjay and Secretary Dinesh on the dias were looking dapper in their dhoti and shirt. At the meeting
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A wearable device for the blind/visually impaired incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision and Machine Learning. It is a Virtual guide to the blind a improves their ability to navigate. Rotary Club of Bangalore donated smart vision glasses to 32 visually challenged children at an event at Rotary House of Friendship. RCB executed the project in
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Rotators Issue 38 27th March 2023

PHF Nagaprakash Memorial Chess Tournament 2023

The Rotaractors of Rotaract Club of Swarna Bengaluru paid their humble tributes to Prakash (PRO & Manager, Rotary Club of Bangalore, 1984-2021) through a Chess Tournament – “PHF Nagaprakash Memorial Chess Tournament 2023.” The event was organised on the 19th March at Rotary House of Friendship. The tournament had a whopping 95 participants who played
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Open House

When everything is hunky dorey and heading towards a desired path, one tends to feel everything is perfect … But is it … ?? When you have a Centennial Celebration coming your way in just about a decade, what is it that a club of 88 years is required to do to make it grand
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Rotators Issue 37 20th March 2023


RCBians took the destitute children of Good Shepherd Home to our Rotary Shankara Library. Sr. Ludwina – the convent’s Superior accompanied us. The children enjoyed going through the educational and story books and playing various table games available there.The children also had a good time with 2 organized craft activities, wherein they made paper peacocks
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Rotarians visited the Government Medical Hospital at Nelamangala to inaugurate a Dialysis Machine which was sponsored by SubhashBagaria Foundation. Thanks to Rtn. Kavita Muthappa and to Rtn. Manjunath for all his support. It was heartening to see the gratitude from the patients, who had to wait in queue, as the ones they had were not
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GALA EVENING – a Memorable & Spectacular Diplomats Night

The Rotary Club of Bangalore in collaboration with the Honorary Consular Corps Diplomatique-India (HCCD-India) organized a Gala Evening with over 25 Diplomats at the Royal Orchid Hotel, onth Old Airport Road on 29 of January 2023.The event, focused on raising funds for the procurement of Dialysis Machines, saw attendance of over 350 of the who’s
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Rotators Issue 36 13th March 2023

Rotators Issue 35 06th March 2023

Rotators Issue 34 27th February 2023

Rotators Issue 30 30th January 2023

Rotators Issue 33 20th February 2023

Rotators Issue 32 13th February 2023

Rotators Issue 31 06th February 2023

Boys On Bikes At RBV

RCB launched an initiative called “BOYS ON BIKES” for the 10th standard boys of our very own Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya.The 20 brand new, gleaming cycles which were ordered, arrived and an event to distribute these to the boys on 5th January. at a cost of Rs. 1 Lakh. RCB had already distributed cycles to the
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Rotators Issue 29 23rd January 2023

Rotators Issue 28 16th January 2023

Rotators Issue 27 09th January 2023

Youth Service Plans – 2022-23 – Rtn. Hemanth Manay

Model UN Little Leaders Legal Awareness Financial Awareness RotoQuiz Ruminate & Rejuvenate Shankara Rotary Children's Library Am Am Golf Tournament IGU-South India GolfTournament Spelling Bee Utpulta International Ryla Yuva Yamini Cyclothan Kavyanjali Flexomania Rotary Strongest Natanotsava Kreeda Habba Rotaract & Interact +             Rae Bangalore +             RaC Swarna Bengaluru +             Rae KLE College +             Interact Club
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Vocational Service Plans – 2022-23 – Rtn. Shailesh Shah

Helping the needy +             School going deprived children +             Women Empowerment +             Economic Opportunity for Palar +             Dignity for Construction workers Skill Developments +             Career Development +             Career Advancement +             Job Fare/Portal for RCB Helping Businesses +             Occupation & Communities +             Agriculture & Bio Sciences Start ups +             Teaching the 4 Way Test to business
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International Service Plans – 2022-23 – Rtn. Sukhen Padmanabha

The Heritage Walk The Peace Wall International Meeting Day World on a Plate- Gourmet Event International Nite International Trade Fare International Theater Festival Youth Exchange Rotarian Exchange Rotary Action Group for Endangered Species Kala for Vidya FineArts Performing Arts Kala for Vidya (International) Sister Clubs RI Twinning Clubs TRF-The Rotary Foundation +             100% PHF Club
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Community Service Plans – 2022-23 – Rtn. Solomon Paramel

Mega Project- Palar River Rabies Awareness Medical Care- Dialysis Machine Equipping Asha Workers Maintenance of Happy School Adopting an Old Age Home Mental Health Checkup Camp Health Camp Artificial Limbs Heart Surgeries/ Pediatric Heart Surgeries Community Care- Support Specially Abled & Autistic Children Addition Prevention of Drugs, Alcohol, Nicotin Maternal & Child Health Camps for
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Club Service Plans – 2022-23 – Rtn. Nalini Nanjundayya

New Activities:


Mudiyanur is a small village near Mulbagal with a population of hardly 2200 people. It has a government school built in 1904 that needs a major overhaul of it’s infrastructure that can accommodate upto 150 children after re-constructing the new building.RCB is excited to be part of this Green-field project which involves the reconstruction of
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Mid-Year Review – International Service: Director, Rtn. Sukhen Padmanabha

Upcoming Projects:

Mid-Year Review – Youth Service: Director, Rtn. Hemanth Manay

5 Story Telling Session were held at Shankara Rotary Children's Library. Model United Nations Project held at Delhi Public School -  Whitefield. RCB conducted 3 Sessions of Ruminate and Rejuvenate Season 2, an Interactive Session by Rtn. Vasantha Vaikunth. RCB Chartered 5 Interact Clubs in Bangalore. RCB Chartered 3 Rotaract Clubs in Bangalore. RCB conducted
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Mid-Year Review – Vocational Service: Director, Rtn. Shailesh Shah

Upcoming Projects:

Mid-Year Review – Community Service: Director, Rtn. Solomon Paramel

14 Desktops were donated along with lnnerwheel Club of Chitradurga to Sharana Basaveshwara School. RCB donated 400 Kgs of Rice to an Orphanage. RCB donated 36 Nalikali Desks to Byadarahalli Government School. RCB donated Textbooks and Note Books to the students of RBV. RCB donated Sanitary Pads and folders to the inmates of Hope works
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Mid-Year Review – Club Information: Secretary’s Report – Rtn. M C Dinesh

Charter No.: 3323 & Date: July 12th,1934President – Rtn.Sanjay UdaniSecretary – Rtn. M C DineshClub website:www.rcb1934.inMembers: 332 I Male: 265 I Female : 67New members Inducted: 27 CLUB ADMINISTRATION • Completed installation ceremony on 3rd July, 2022• Completed 23 weekly meetings• Rotator, 23 issues released.• Paid Rotary International & District subscriptions.• Proper maintenance of all
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As part of the Happy Homes Project, the Community Service team donated Bedsheets and Blankets to destitute children at Good Shepherd Home, Museum Road on 20th December. Rtn. Pragya Jain


On the 14th of December, Mr Manoj Balachandran, CSR Head, IBM, for India and SE Asia and his team handed over one chair, the first of 200 in a small symbolic ceremony. The 200 chairs which they are donating to Rotary Club of Bangalore will be distributed to needy institutions, which have already been identified
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Despite the weather, we have managed to screen over 900 Students, Staff, Parents and Members of the community. We are in the process of collating the number of people who require Spectacles and Cataract Surgeries. Thanks to the Rotarians who supported the event and participated in the inaugural function. The chief guest Ms. Sowmya Reddy
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An evening with HONORARY CONSULS

“The Rotary Club of Bangalore hosted on 12th December 2022 an Evening with Honorary Consuls of Peru, Poland, Vietnam and Seychelles. The evening saw attendance of over 75 Rotarians. In a content-rich discussion which lasted over 45 minutes, Honorary Consul of Poland Mr. Raghu Rajappa described the Waste Water treatment and Biagas initiatives that he
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with CSR support from Trivium eSolutions Pvt. Ltd. Inaugurated on 19th Nov 2022 Project objective: To provide access to clean and safe drinking waterName of the village: MarapanahalliLocation : Kaiwara post, Chintamani Taluka, KarnatakaTotal no. of beneficiaries: 750Project details: Community Drinking Water ATM (with Comprehensive AMC of 2 years post 1 year warranty)Project cost: Rs.
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RCB launches action group for ENDANGERED SPECIES

Its very well said that Once gone, they’re gone forever, and there’s no going back! Keeping this in mind, the Rotary Club of Bangalore has come forward to highlight the great importance of some endangered species to the world’s eco system. On October 27th the International Services Committee of RCB launched Rotary Action Group for
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PROJECT OF THE YEAR – Donating Dialysis Machines

What an auspicious beginning it was – soon after the conclusion of the Diwali festivities, on 27th October, RCB Community Service brought Light into the lives of the patients requiring Dialysis, by donating the first Dialysis Machine to Dundashetty Lakshmamma General Hospital, K R Pete. With this gesture, we embarked on our Mega Project of
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Rotary Club of Bangalore conducted the Finals of the 63rd edition of the Ramnarayan Chellaram Inter-collegiate Quiz Competition. Madras Christian College, Chennai walked away with the winner’s trophy, with Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Kochi coming a close second. The other teams in the Final round were Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Christ University, Bangalore, and the
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RCB Celebrates UN International Peace Day

RCB’s International Service Committee celebrated the UN’s International Peace Day on September 21st with a glittering function attended by a full house. The event showcased eminent speakers, artists and musicians and, in a first for our Club, Zoom invitees from the Rotary Clubs of Petalingjaya, Greentown, Yangon, Yangon Central, Colombo East, Haute Rive (Mauritius), Delhi-South
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ROTARY CLUB OF BANGALORE – Distributed Flood Relief Kits

Bangalore City witnessed heavy rains which led to unprecedented flooding over the past few days. News and Social Media articles started emerging of posh villa communities and slums in the Bellandur area being inundated as the water levels rose. Hearing of the impoverished families in the neighbouring slums who have been severely impacted and have
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The Vocational Service Committee of RCB organised – Pragati Patha 2022 – the Annual Rotary Job Fair and Recruitment Drive at Ramanaryan Chellaram College of Commerce & Management on August 26, 2022. The meeting was a path breaking event.The show casing of Rotary’s efforts in TEACH was fabulous. So many interesting take aways.Rtn Vijayakumari and
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PRAGATI PATHA 2022 – Annual Rotary Job Fair & Recruitment Drive

The Vocational Service Committee of RCB organised – Pragati Patha 2022 – the Annual Rotary Job Fair and Recruitment Drive at Ramanaryan Chellaram College of Commerce & Management on August 26, 2022. Put together by RCB, Rotary Vijayanagar and the Government Ramnarayan Chellaram College of Commerce and Management, Department of Collegiate Education, Karnataka Skill Development,
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“Words are windows to ideas”. The 88-years’ young Rotary Club of Bangalore (RCB) has a rich heritage in “service to society”.  It has a successfully active Youth Service Wing devoted to building and providing life changing opportunities to our nation’s young. The RCB Spelling Bee is one such flagship program.  The Bee aims to open
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Rotators Issue 25 26th December 2022

Rotators Issue 24 19th December 2022

Rotators Issue 23 12th December 2022

Rotators Issue 22 05th December 2022

Rotators Issue 21 28th November 2022

Rotators Issue 20 21st November 2022

Rotators Issue 19 14th November 2022

Rotators Issue 18 07th November 2022

Rotators Issue 17 31st October 2022

Rotators Issue 16 17th October 2022

Rotators Issue 15 10th October 2022

Rotators Issue 14 03rd October 2022

Rotators Issue 13 26th September 2022

Rotators Issue 12 19th September 2022

Rotators Issue 11 12th September 2022

Rotators Issue 10 05th September 2022

Peace Day

Contest for International Day of Peace What is it?The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution 36/37, the General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to “commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and
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Rotators Issue 09 29th August 2022

Rotators Issue 08 22nd August 2022

Rotators Issue 07 15th August 2022

Rotators Issue 06 08th August 2022

Rotators Issue 05 01st August 2022

Rotators Issue 04 25th July 2022

Rotators Issue 03 18th July 2022

Rotators Issue 02 11th July 2022

RCB Charter Night 2022

RC Bangalore is the oldest Club in Bengaluru and one of the earliest and among the largest in the country. On our Charter Night, we prepared a short film that spoke about our establishment, our history, and a few early projects. Here’s the link to the short film that was shown at Charter Night 2022
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Rotators Issue 01 03rd July 2022

Rotators Issue 45 09th May 2022

Rotators Special Issue 13th June 2022

Rotators Issue 50 13th June 2022

Rotators Issue 49 06th June 2022

Rotators Issue 51 20th June 2022

Rotators Issue 46 16th May 2022

Rotators Issue 47 23rd May 2022

Rotators Issue 48 30th May 2022

Rotators Issue 52 27th June 2022



RCB Talks

Rotary Talk is a program of RCB, whereby our host Rtn. Sandeep Ohri* speaks to eminent Rotarians and discuss about themselves and their Rotary Journey. * Episodes 3, 4 and 14 are hosted by Rtn. Gitesh Agarwal.

Rotators Issue 44 02nd May 2022

Rotators Issue 39 28th March 2022

Rotators Issue 38 21st March 2022

Rotators Issue 43 25th April 2022

Rotators Issue 41 11th April 2022

Rotators Issue 42 18th April 2022

Student Scholarships 2021-22

Rotators Issue 40 04th April 2022

Exemplars Award Winners 2022

Rotators Issue 37 14th March 2022

Rotators Issue 36 07th March 2022

Rotators Issue 35 28th February 2022

Rotators Issue 34 21st February 2022

Rotators Issue 32 7th February 2022

Rotators Issue 33 14th February 2022

Rotators Issue 31 31st January 2022

Rotators Issue 30 24th January 2022

Rotators Issue 27 03rd January 2022

Rotators Issue 29 17th January 2022

Rotators Issue 26 27th December 2021

Rotators Issue 24 13th December 2021

Rotators Issue 23 06th December 2021

Rotators Issue 22 29th November 2021

Rotators Issue 19 08th November 2021

Rotary Project Reports

Rotators Issue 18 01st November 2021

108 Happy School

The Rotarian knew he had to build just not ordinary schools, but Happy Schools.

Rotators Issue 17 25th October 2021

Rotators Issue 15 11th October 2021

Rotators Issue 14 4th October 2021

RCB’S DREAMS TO REALITY – Quarterly Report

Rotators Issue 12 20th September 2021

Rotators Issue 11

Rotators Issue 10 6th September 2021

Rotators Issue 09 30th August 2021

Rotators Issue 08 23rd August 2021

Rotators Issue 07 15th August 2021

Rotators Issue 06 9th August 2021

RBV Students have come out with flying colours

Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya

Rotary Club of Bangalore has always given importance to education and learning. Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya is one of the flagship projects of RCB where hundreds of children are provided education, mid day meal, books and uniforms. This year the school is introducing English medium education. In order to present a neat and clean and welcoming
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Rotators Issue 05 2nd August 2021

Rotary Fellowships RI District 3190

Theme Logos

Rotary Sahayoga

Message from “Shekhar Mehta” – Telugu

Message from “Shekhar Mehta” – Kannada

Message from “Shekhar Mehta”

Know your District Governor “Rtn. Fazal Mahmood”

DG Message

Iin Aankhon Ki Masti

It was a show that was performed to songs picturised on the Bollywood Diva Rekha an actress par excellence. To fill her shoes was impossible but the Rotary family tried it.The President Girish said “I want a show that will entertain as well as bring the Rotary family together for a fun filled evening” and
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Animal Ambulance Rabies Eradication Program

Handing over Animal ambulance to BBMP who is partnering with CARE in treating the injured animals and rabies affected dogs.Extremely Thankful to BBMP Chief Commissioner Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Special Commissioner BBMP Mr. Randeep, Joint Director BBMP, Mr. Manjunath Shinde, Mrs. Sudha Narayan, Managing Trustee, CARE Thanks to Bimal Auto and R K constructions for the
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Little Leaders Programme

On 24th July, the Youth Services Committee kicked off the Little Leaders Programme for the students of Tunbridge High School. The Champion for this event Rtn. Amit Bahirat gave an inspirational introduction on the qualities of an effective leader to the children, who were charged up and all set for the event, which will be
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Rotators Issue 04 26th July 2021

Rotators Issue 03 19th July 2021

Rotary Club donates animal ambulance to BBMP

The Rotary Club of Bangalore on Wednesday handed over an animal ambulance to the BBMP, which is partnering with CARE for the treatment of injured animals and rabies-infected dogs. BBMP Chief Commissioner Gaurav Gupta, BBMP Special Commissioner (Health) D Randeep, BBMP Joint Director Manjunath Shinde, and Sudha Narayan, Managing Trustee, CARE, were present. Bimal Auto
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How is your Phone Changing you?

On 17th July 2021, the Youth Services Committee conducted a motivational session for the children of Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya.The programme was well attended by students, parents and Rotarians alike.Our speaker, Mr. Girish Panicker, a corporate trainer and founder of Shaping Tree and Scooppin – a tech trainingplatform, handled the event beautifully. He kept the children
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Animal Ambulance

President & Board of Directors cordially invite you to handing over of “ANIMAL AMBULANCE” to Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) who are partnering with M/s. CARE in treating the injured Animals and those affected with Rabis on Wednesday, 21st July 2021, at 11:00 am at ROtary House of Friendship, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru.

Adolescent Health Programme

Rotary Club of Bangalore partnering with Rajarajeswarinagar Medical College & Hospital distributed 4000 Nos. SanitaryPads to Adolescent Girls and Anganwadi workers in the locality at Attavar Hospital on Monday, 12th July at 11.00 am.Thanks to Rtn. Rashmi Attavar for championing this event. President Girish & Rtn. Elizabeth Zacharia participated in the event.

Support Frontline Warriors

During this pandemic it was decided to support Frontline Warriors, who have tirelessly discharged their duties day and night to save lives . The Community Service team along with President Gi rish, Secretary Gowri Oza, Medical Service Chair Dr. Sangamitra Gopal , District Governor Fazal Mahmood, District secretary D LV Sharma & Asst. Governor, Peeyush
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HOSA BELAKU – District Project

SUPPORT TO SLUM Rotary Club of Bangalore joined hands with Dist. 3190 and distributed 5000 masks at Doddananavar Slum with the support of Local police personnel.Thanks to Rtn. Prabhu Subramanian for championing this programme and to Director Hosa Belaku, Rtn. B K Krishnamurthy, Deputy Director M P Krishnan from District who took part in this
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Towards a New Era

PDG Rtn. Ravi Vadlamani’s inspiring address at the first committee meeting of Youth Services, highlighted the road map to be followed in the journey towards a New Era of Rotary.PDG Rtn. Ravi Vadlamani stressed on the fact that today, dual membership of both Rotary and Rotaract is possible, this gives us the opportunity to experience
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Feed Our Own Child & Family

During this economic crisis. The community services team decided to fight hunger in our own back yard by adopting FEED OUR OWN CHILD & FAMILY at RBV. We distributed Ration kits to 300 students and their families who had paid fees in full / part and also to the teachers and staffs. This will motivate
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Shri Arshad Mir Elected as new Chairman & Shri K.K Ramesh as new Co-Chairman

PEOPLE OF ACTION AT BGC (Bangalore Golf Club)

Compliments Rtn Vanita Singh  – A Public Image activity  PEOPLE OF  ACTION AT BGC  (Bangalore Golf  Club ) : – A small initiative by me on behalf of Rotary. They are the ones who face a stream of Golfers day in & day out. A perfect branding opportunity and a simple thought in COVID Times
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Genesis – Rotaract Club of Bangalore’s 51st Installation Ceremony

Rotaract Club of Bangalore’s 51st Installation Ceremony – GENESIS -Beginning of a New Era, was held at the Rotary House of Friendship with excitement running high among the BODs, New Members and especially. President Rtr.Joseph Wilson. The program began to the sweet notes of Rtr.Naren and Rtr.Namrata the hosts for the ceremony who rendered the
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RotoQuiz 2019 Mangalore Round

The 60th continuous edition of the RotoQuiz competition for the prestigious Ramnarayan Chellaram Shield commenced in Mangalore on 7th August 2019.

RotoQuiz at Mangalore 8th September 2019

Four years back  RCB collaborated with the Rotary Club of Mangalore to extend the popular Rotoquiz to the port city.Since then the event has grown from strength to strength.This year Rotoquiz Mangalore held on Sunday, September 8 had record entries, thanks to the sterling efforts of the Rotarians and Rotaractors of RCM. Rotary Club of
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Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya – Study Tour

An educational tour was arranged for the students of RBV. 87 students and 23 staff from the RBV school participated in the educational tour to Shravan Belagola, Haleebedu and Belur on the 27th of July. The tour started at 5 am from RBV with a visit to Shravana Belagola, and a close  darshan of the
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Rotators Issue 02 12th July 2021

Rotators Issue 01 04th July 2021

Rotators Issue 52 28th June 2021

Rotators Issue 48 31st May 2021

Rotators Issue 45 10th May 2021

Rotators Issue 51 21st June 2021

Rotators Issue 49 7th June 2021

Rotators Issue 50 16th June 2021

RCB has adopted King Cobra of Bannerghatta Biological Park in Bengaluru

There are four main roles of zoos today. They are: conservation, research, education and recreation.Breeding animals in captivity so they don’t become extinct. Zoos also work out in the wild conserving animals in their natural habitats.We all know that the zoos in Karnataka are short on funds and are struggling to manage the expenses.It gives
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LSN Trust and Rotary Bangalore: Distributing Masks

LSN Trust and Rotary Bangalore masks handed over to Mr Bhaskar Rao, ADG of Police Internal Security. We thank him for his support. As suggested by the Prime Minister of India, Mr Bhaskar Rao is also of the opinion that with safety measures on our part we will escalate the decline of Covid 19. Thanks
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Upgraded Primary Health Center

Health, Education & Environment have been the focus area of Team 2021. With Covid 19 raging unbridled & Governmental Primary Health Centres being the common man’s first option, we realised it is crucial that they are equipped adequately. Thus when PP Ranga Rao broached this subject with Mr. Sushanth, Stopak CFO, they readily agreed and
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“Krushi Connect” A Pro-Farmer initiative of Rotary

KrushiConnect is an initiative undertaken by the Rotary Clubs of RI Dist. 3190 to provide marketing support and visibility for rural farmers in better selling of their produce to the urban consumers through Rotarians as a medium. This also is an effort to reverse the migration by helping and improve the economic opportunities for small
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EGG BANK: Helping Children Remain Healthy

An apple a day…. has been replaced by an “Egg a day keeps the doctor away ” in this present pandemic situation. Egg has been proved to be a complete food with all required vitamins and proteins for all the ages. Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore and Rotary Club of Bangalore are the first clubs
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Wear The Mask

We are happy to launch our project on – Wear a mask – which is the need of the hour.Rotary Club of Bangalore and LSN Trust, are jointly distributing masks to needy communities and educating them on the correct use of the mask( cover nose and mouth).While Rotary Bangalore and LSN Trust are assisting society,
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Rotary Bangalore ICICI Prudential Dialysis Centre

Rotary Bangalore ICICI Prudential Dialysis Centre:Providing succour to Diabetics   Rotary Bangalore ICICI Prudential Dialysis Centre initiative was set up on 27 June 2011 with the inauguration of five dialysis machines initially at RRMCAH. The centre  was inaugurated by PRID Pandurang Setty and PDG M.N Suresh along with a host of dignitaries from RRMCAH and RCB.
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Rayasandra Roadsign School Update 30th October 2019

Rayasandra school roof casting on wednesday , Thanks to the constant follow up by Manjunath and Sridhar Chari

Geeta Ramanujam – Revival of the Art of Storytelling

Storytelling has been the most erudite form of communication from the time when reading and writing were not prevalent and a system of academia was unknown…bards who sang of the prowess of Kings by relating the stories to the common man to the stylish operas and closer to home the yakshagana and other dance forms
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Improv Show – The Adamant Eves

A weekly Monday rendezvous of the members of the Rotary Club of Bangalore was embellished with 40 minutes of high energy Improv entertainment. Improv short for Improvisation is a theatrical art form where everything is improvised or made up moment by moment. The audience played a participatory role by giving suggestions to the performers that
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Speaker Narendar Pani – An economist weighs the options

Who would have realized that an analogy about potato chips could reflect the factors affecting the economy of the country? Yes, such examples were precisely what Dr. Narender Pani, a renowned economist and journalist used to explain India’s economic situation in his talk on “5.5 trillion economy in 3 years…is India ready?” at RHF on
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73rd Independance Day Celebrations at RCB

INDEPENDENCE AND INTERDEPENDENCE HARMONIZE TO BLEND UNITY IN DIVERSITY. IN SPITE OF DIVERSE GEOGRAPHIES, RELIGIONS AND CULTURES, WE STAY UNITED. On the 73rd Independence Day, as we pay homage to the Freedom Fighters and pledge to walk on the path envisioned by the Visionary Nationalists, let us reiterate that all virtues begin at home. With
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Panel Discussion Water Security – Conservation and Rejuvenation

On Aug 19th we had a panel discussion on this very important topic by three experts moderated ably by our PP Rtn. K. Vijayakumar, a pioneer in hydroponics and organic farming. Scientist A R Shivakumar  highlighted that Bangalore has the luxury of plenty of rain and so the problem is not shortage but proper water
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Speaker Event – Knowledge Transfers from Ancient India

The Guest Speaker on Monday, 26th August, Dr. Raj Vedam provided an overview of how Indian history is distorted due to several malefic forces such as colonial Indologists who imposed a young chronology on India; Eurocentric scholars who sought a homeland for the “Aryans” in Central Asia, leading to the nefarious “Aryan Invasion/Migration Theory”; liberal
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Run for Rotary Koti-Nati & Green Energy 8th September 2019

Pride Run was held on Sunday 8th September 2019 at Bangalore, sponsored    by  four Rotary Clubs and Rotary District 3190. It was a run  in aid of  Rotary Koti – Nati and Green Energy.. Rotarians Ronald D’souza , MC Dinesh,  Amit Bahirat ,  Rotaractor Krishna Arjun, and Rtn Ronald’s son  Rahul participated in the pride
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Speaker Event – Being Heart Healthy Dr. Ranjan Shetty

 On Monday,September 9 the Chief Guest,Dr Ranjan Shetty addressed the members on ‘Being Heart Healthy’. He is HOD & Consultant – Department of Cardiology, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Hospitals, Bangalore. He is an expert in Coronary, Congenital Structural & Peripheral intervention and has performed more than 3000 angioplasties – very complex coronary and non-coronary interventions,
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RotoQuiz Bengaluru Preliminaries 15th September 2019

ROTACON – ICGF Youth Services 15th September 2019

Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia! A project started by PP Rtn Zarir Bhata has taken momentum this Rotary year and this will be conducted by the International Service Committee under the Directorship of Rtn. Nalini Nanjundayya.  The Inner Wheel Clubs of the Dist 319 have also  expressed  an interest in partnering for this cause. Project Mamma Mia provides
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Bridging the Gap

The program  BRIDGING THE GAP was conducted on Thursday 25th July at the Rotary Club of Bangalore – an initiative of the International Services Committee of Rotary Club of Bangalore. The purpose of this program was to start the year with suggestions from the senior Rotarians on how Rotary activities can be improved and how
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Toccata plays for Rotary

Toccata Plays for Rotary. Toccata Musical Kreations, a musical group from the UK, performed for an enthralled audience of children, Rotarians and friends, at the Chowdiah Memorial hall on 16th August. Organised by the Rotary Club of Bangalore, this is a fund-raiser for the Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya, a school for underprivileged children .During the evening
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Train the trainer – WINS 7th November 2019

WINS Program After the successful launch, Rotary District 3190 conducted a “Train the Trainer” program for WINS on November 7th at Rotary Cantonment premises. This  program is being conducted zone-wise in two parts.  (1) Hand Washing Awareness  (2) Menstrual Health Management.  Rtn Nilesh Kapse, Rtn Dr Gertrude and Rotractor Joseph participated in this Train the
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Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya – Vocational Training Centre Inauguration

Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya (RBV) — Vocational Training Centre was inaugurated by the  District Governor Sameer Hariani on July 4. The courses offered to the students are tailoring, cookery, and electrical repair. It is hoped that these courses would not only equip the students to earn their  livelihood  but also to develop their skills and personality.
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Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya Vocational Training Centre

Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya – Vocational Training Centre Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya (RBV) — Vocational Training Centre was inaugurated by the  District Governor Sameer Hariani on July 4. The courses offered to the students are tailoring, cookery, and electrical repair. It is hoped that these courses would not only equip the students to earn their  livelihood  but
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Career Guidance RBV 25th August 2019

Team Vocational Service RCB, staff and  students of RBV thank Rtn Ganesh Balakrishnan, Chairman,District Career Guidance who  conducted the first session of Career Guidance and Counselling with a Power Point presentation  for the students of  the tenth standard in Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya . This is a part of  the 25 series Career Guidance programme, which
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Working towards making India 100% literate

Working towards making India 100% literate   Rotary District 3190 Literacy  Committee conducted a Level 11 Training and District Literacy Seminar  on Sunday 10th November at Rotary House of Friendship.The District Governor Sameer Hariani,PDG Manjunath Shetty, IPDG Suresh Hari, DGE Nagendra Prasad, DGN Fazal Mahmood, PDG Madhura Chatrapathy, PP Rajendra Rai and PP Ramesh V. R.
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Hearty Congratulations to IPP Rtn Elizabeth Cherian and Team of 2019- 20 for the Rotary Citation award. It is the most significant award a Rotary club can achive. The Finals of the RCB Yadalam Nanjaiah Setty debate was conducted successfully on 28th of September 2020. It was a landmark event by itself – a feast
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On October 31, RCB’s Voca_onal Service Commi_ee organized a session on “Financial Literacy – Good Money Habits” for college students. Final Year B.Ed students and Principals from five colleges – RV college, Vijaya College, Rajajinagar College, Al-amin College and MES College – par_cipated in the program. Rtn. Jigisha Rajguru kicked off the discussion and also
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History Created! 104 Participants Vie in World’s Longest Running Rotary ‘Rotoquiz 2019’

ROTOQUIZ Ramnarayan Chellaram Shield 16th September 2019

Mamma Mia 19th August 2019

On August 19 the International Services Committee, in continuation of the Mamma Mia project,  distributed 85  kits to  pregnant mothers at the  BBMP Urban Primary Health Centre ,  Shantinagar.Each kit comprises  1 baby blanket, 6 diapers, 6 vests, 2 plastic sheets, 1 baby bath towel, 1 nightie for the mother, 1 blanket for the mother,
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Kala for Vidya 7th and 8th March

The flagship Art exhibition will be held on 7th and 8th March 2020.

Ramnarayan Chellaram RotoQuiz turns 60 16th September 2019

     Roto Quiz is one of the most popular Annual programs of our club that has been generously supported by the family of Rtn. Ramnarayan Chellaram for 6 decades. The long awaited Roto Quiz happened on the 16th of September  @ RHF. Hall was filled with Rotarians, Rotaractors, Ramnarayan Chellaram’s family, Spouses, students and friends.
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UNLABEL mesmerizes Rotarians with music & dance

UNLABEL was a music & dance event with a difference, featuring talented youngsters with Autism & special needs. Presented by Mitra for Life & the Rotary Club of Bangalore, Youth Services Committee. The event was on zoom meet, streamed to FB live and YouTube live on 17th Oct, Saturday at 6 pm. The aim of
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AGC-21-22 – Community

AGC-21-22 – Youth

AGC-21-22 – International

AGC-21-22 – Public

AGC-21-22 – Club

AGC-21-22 – Vocational


BISS -ITW is a division of Illinois Tool Works in the USA. As part of their CSR project we showcased to them the gamut of services Rotary Club of Bangalore can offer. They looked at various projects and chose ‘school’ as the dearest for them.PP Ranga Rao and Rtn Magic Manju quickly got done a
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Rotators Issue 45 10th May 2021

Rotators Issue 44 3rd May 2021


Rotary club of Bangalore being a premier club in pursuit of community service , has predictably stood up to mitigate the sufferings of the Covid hit citizens  to the extent possible .The disaster has been of extreme proportions of trauma , ill health , and suffering that it is leaving in its wake . The
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Dosa Hut Covid outreach program

The Dosa hut response to this initiative has been … Dosa Hut has begun its outreach program to support the Rotary Club of Indias Covid initiative and being an established business that has seen success by serving up a taste of India, we now firmly believe, its time to pay India tribute, by serving back  support
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Primary Healthcare Centers

RCB is improve the PHCs. We propose to refurbish and improve the PHCs with basic amenities like waiting rooms, consulting rooms, bath rooms, a signboard at entrance, drinking water.  Special emphasis on examination table, BP apparatus and weighing scale. If there are facilities for in-patient admissions, clean cots, mattresses, bed sheets, pillows should be made
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Palar Guttahalli Eco-restoration Program

A Joint Project of Rotary Club of Bangalore  Vyakti Vikas Kendra  Rotary Koti Nati Initiative Rotary Environment Foundation About Rotary Club of Bangalore In 86th year of service to the community 270+ members Focused on uplifting communities Seven Focus Areas Significant Projects ACHIEVEMENTS OF AOL – YouTube Links Documentary on Art of Living Naganadhi River
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A Covid-19 Vaccination Drive was successfully organized by Rotary Club of Bangalore, Rotary Bangalore Orchards, Trustwell Hospitals and Amazing Care Online Specialist Clinics & Home Care Services. The Vaccination Drive kick started on April 21st after its Inauguration by DG Rtn. Nagendra Prasad.The response from the public was overwhelming on all the days of the
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Rotators Issue 43 26th April 2021

Rotators Issue 42 19th April 2021

Rotators Issue 41 12th April 2021

The pandemic, COVID 19 has been nothing short of a disaster in our country. With the imposition of yet another lockdown, the underprivileged and the migrant community of Bangalore were yet again left to face uncertain times. Of the many problems faced by the marginalized community, food has been a primary point of concern. Rotary
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Rotators Issue 39 29th March 2021

Tarunya – ICGF YS

Tarunya – ICGF Youth Services was held at Chikkaballapur BGS Campus. We are proud to say that Rtr. Krishnarjun of RCB  Seshadripuram in his debut performance won the 2nd place in the Yuva Badminton Tournament for Rota. The ICGF started with the sports events in the morning (Cricket and Badminton) followed by the main proceedings
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Rotators Issue 38 22nd March 2021


Donation of Flooring Tiles to Tribal school VGKK in B. R. Hills During the Youth Services Committee’s recent visit to VGKK school in BR Hills, it was noticed that there was an urgent requirement for building materials for the construction of new classrooms and an auditorium.Fortunately, President Vincent remembered that a stock of tiles was
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Any activity that combines service and fun is something to look forward to. On Sunday, March 14, a team from RCB headed to BR Hills to complete a few projects at the VGKK School. Plus bond with nature, particularly wildlife. The primary reason for the trip, of course, was the RYLA at the VGKK School
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“India is a source of envy and concern in Pakistan.” A first hand report on Indo-Pak Relations and the hurdles in achieving peace. On 15th March, the Peace and Harmony Fellowship Group of the International Service Committee hosted a talk by Mr. Anand Arni, on the subject of Indo-Pak Relations -Glimpses of Pakistani Perspective and
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On March 14, a Blood donation Camp was conducted by Karnataka Chapter of International Vaish Federation Youth Wing, along with Rotary-TTK Blood Bank at the Rotary House of Friendship. The camp was inaugurated by Shri Sanjeev Kumar Bansal, General Secretary of IVF, Vineet Saraogi, Event Convenor IVF and Reshma Lakhotia, Program Director IVF. Shri Sanjeev
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Rotators Issue 37 15th March 2021

The Rotary Theatre is active again …

On 7th March, the Rotary Theatre Club held an online reading of a play called “Sunday Brunch at the Gymkhana.” It was written by Rtn. Vijay Padaki and we read under his able direction! It was a story around a group of friends coming to terms with the colonial era rules and regulations in a
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Cyclothon to celebrate International Women’s Day

Ten Rotary Clubs of Bangalore District 3190 got together on Sunday, March 7 to celebrate Gender Equality through an event in the form of a Cyclothon. The ride with over 100 cycling participants started at the Century Club and was flagged off by Pramod Despande, the well-known Chief Coach and driving force behind JJs Jayanagar
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Rotators Issue 36 8th March 2021


RID 3190’s First Ever Cooking Contest The District Club Service team successfully conducted a ‘first of its kind’ event in Rotary – the *Rotary MasterChef cooking contest* on 20 & 21 February, 2021. The two-day event had around 34 participants with 7 finalists and 3 winners. Every attempt was made to create a World-class cooking
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RCB has been involved in the restoration of a lake in Challahalli near Rajakunte, and is now planning to take up a meaningful project for restoration of another lake. In this context we thought it would be very interesting to listen to the experiences and success stories of other Rotary Clubs of Bangalore in this
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Rotaract Club of Bangalore, Seshadripuram, RID 3190, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Ulsoor, organized a Menstrual Health and Hygiene Session as part of Project “Sthree” on 26 February 2021. The venue for the event was BBMP Girls School & College, Frazer Town, Bangalore. The session was conducted from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Rtr. Sushma
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Rotators Issue 35 1st March 2021

Celebrating 116 Birthday of Rotary

On February 23, 2021 was Rotary’s 116th Birthday. That day is also called World Understanding and Peace Day. On February 23, 1905, Paul Harris and his three friends surely did not realize what they were starting when they met in room 711 of the Unity Building in Chicago. That was the beginning of the Rotary
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RCB lays out the red carpet for District Governor’s Visit

On Monday, 22nd February, Team RCB led by President Vincent Raj, laid out the red carpet for District Governor, Rtn. Nagendra Prasad, during his Governor’s Official Visit (GOV) at the Rotary House of Friendship. The superb band from our Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya (RBV) welcomed the DG to the venue, which was elegantly and meticulously decorated.
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Rotators Issue 34 22nd February 2021

Rotators Issue 31 1st February 2021

Republic Day Celebration at RBV

As per our tradition, we celebrated the 72nd Republic Day in our very own Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya, Nagadevanahalli. The Students of RBV had rehearsed for this day and put in a lot of effort to show that they were the Future of our Country. The program began with a Guard of Honour to all the
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Rotators Issue 30 25th January 2021

Home Baking

A day’s Home baking work shop was conducted by Rotary Club of Bangalore along with Rotary Kengeri Upanagara. It was a great success with good response. 35 housewives from in and around the area and some of our RBV teachers also attended the program. Three chefs from the baking department of a 5 star hotel
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Rotators Issue 29 18th January 2021

Bringing Digital Age to tribal pupils of BR Hills

On 7 January, RCB distributed 48 Lenovo Tabs with SIM cards to the tenth standard students of a school run by GVKK for the tribes at BR Hills. RCB has been associated with this institution, founded by Dr. H. Sudarshan, for the past 15 years, supporting them with medical facilities, an ambulance and improvements to
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January 10, 2021 marked the beginning of RCB’s (perhaps Rotary’s) most ambitious project in the area of Environment. Following several months of detailed planning and multiple site visits, with active cooperation of the Environment Foundation at District level, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Art of Living to undertake a massive Eco Restoration
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Rotators Issue 28 11th January 2021

SAMHITA: ICGF-Club Service

Rotary District 3190 organised its first ICGF – Club Service of 2021, “SAMHITA” on January 2, at Bangalore Palace Ground. The event was managed by Rotary Club Peenya and Rotary Bangalore Central. 850-900 people participated from various clubs. District Gov. Rtn B.L. Nagendra Prasad gave the opening speech, welcoming all the speakers and fellow Rotarians.
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Rotators Issue 27 4th January 2021

Gift A Tab: Bringing the Digital Age to RBV Students

On December 29, in a crisp and well-conducted event, RCB distributed Tabs with Pre-loaded subjects to 45 Students of Classes 9 and 10 of Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya. The Chief Guest of the event was Shri Anbukkumar, IAS, Commissioner for Public Instruction, GOK. The Guests of Honour were: Shri. Prakash, Block Education Officer Bangalore South, Shri.
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It was a winter evening of a year that has highlighted the precarious nature of everything from health, to well-being, to our future as a globalised community. The special evening with dancer par xcellence Smt Priyadarshini Govind showed how art allows the light to come into our lives, even as we cope with unprecedented change.
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Rotary Club of Bangalore with NSRCEL held the 3rd Startup Hackathon on Dec. 6. Due to Covid19 it was entirely online. We had 50 registrations from over 25 colleges. As in earlier hackathons, prior to the final event we had a session on Lean Canvas, an effective tool for business planning, followed by mentoring of
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Rotators Issue 23 07th December 2020

Rotators Issue 22 30th November 2020