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Speaker Event – Joint Meeting


This week RCB had two wonderful and accomplished speakers enlighten us on the great work they are doing for society. They were Dr. Latha Jagannathan,  of Rotary TTK Blood Bank and famous theatre personality Mr. Prakash Belawadi.

Dr. Latha Jagannathan is the  managing trustee and medical director of BMST since the  founding of Rotary TTK Blood Bank in 1984. Rtn Deepak Nakra’s introduction was an excellent one covering Dr.Latha Jagannathan’s journey as a doctor who studied in AFMC. He spoke about her pioneering strength, ability and commitment to every thing she does.

Dr. Latha spoke about the various services and the great work the Rotary TTK blood bank is doing along with HLL Lab, Thalassemia services, Tissue bank and the recent success of Stem cell registry program in collaboration with DKMS, Germany.

It was inspiring to know the amazing work they are doing, but sad to hear that they  are barely able to make ends meet and are not able to recover the costs. They are also supplying 35 % of blood to Govt hospitals free of cost as per Karnataka Government rule. Even though Rotary  is supporting them in terms of activities like Blood collection camps, global grant,etc. the blood bank is looking for financial support to enable it to sustain the multitude of services it is now offering. Many hospitals around India are in need of their blood, components and granulates.

So let’s help spread the good work they do and contribute towards the building of a bigger better and robust ROTARY TTK BLOOD BANK.

After that insightful talk, Rtn. Vedam Jaishankar introduced the second speaker, noted theatre personality and environmentalist Rtn. Prakash Belawadi. Rtn. Belawadi had the audience spellbound with his noble cause “Avani,” which is about ‘celebrate and heal’ Bangalore. His opening line “THE EARTH DOES NOT BELONG TO US, WE BELONG TO THE EARTH” summed up his powerful message.  

He went on to explain how Avani is a movement initiated by Rotary Bengaluru, Lalbagh and curated by Beantown Union. It is conceptualized to be an annual event, wherein Avani will represent optimism and causes that concern the environment. It will create a tradition of environmental awareness through civic participation and encourage contribution to a sustainable city through ideas, conversation, and action. Avani has roped in many accomplished people and the Avani Goodwill ambassador is the famous Kannada movie star Yash. The launch day is on April 22nd, at Lalbagh and nearly 1,00,000 spectators are expected.

There will be a plethora of events and one of them is an Art Exhibition that will be on from 22nd April to 5th June at Bangalore International Center. Rtn. Belawadi elaborated on the panel discussions, film screenings and even stand up comedies. He concluded by saying that MISSION AVANI will have Air Pollution monitors installed at various locations and even for every tee-shirt bought, they will plant a tree. With such noble actions, we are making a beginning to attempt ‘Belonging to our Mother Earth’.

Rtn. Ravi Prasad

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