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Cookout Night

RCB’s Smackalicious AAHAROTSAV–

La’ Internationale Cuisine themed Cook-Out Night

RCB’s annual Cook-Out Night this year was really an “Utsav” celebrating international cuisine with huge participation displaying the in-house culinary expertise. The D (delicious) day arrived on March 25th. The members were treated to an exceptional array of food categorised into Soup, Salads, Appetizers, Main Course and Desserts and every category had multiple stalls with the best of international cuisine.

Rtn. Nilesh Kapse was the genius behind this wonderful show, whose vision brought out the best in everyone. His meticulous planning and eye for detail was there for all to see and,of course, relish the plethora of dishes. It was truly so well curated that it can go down as one of the best evenings at the Rotary House of Friendship. His enthusiasm was so pervading that the energy levels on the terrace charged everyone to the maximum.

The professional tending of the bar by the exceptionally talented RCB women lifted the spirits of everyone into another galaxy.

Rtn. Nilesh was ably supported by Fellowship Committee Chair Rtn. Naveen Sreedhara and his great team.  

For those who missed the event, given below is the list of our enthusiastic participants and their respective dishes with the country of origin of the dish.


Rasam-e-Khas Iyengari – Chefs Raghunath and Supriya – India

Chicken Soup for the Rotarian Soul – Chefs Deepak Nakra and Margaret – Germany


Soma-Tun Papaya Salad – Chef Kalyani – Thailand

Kalingad-e-Akrod Salad – Chef Amit Bahirath – Mediterranean


Sasamo-Samosa – Chefs Samrat and Pooja- India

Brush-Hettu – Chefs Sukhen and Bina – Italy

Kaka-Nachle – Chefs Shailesh Shah and Archana – Mexico

Hummus and Pitta Bread – Chefs Girish and Priya – Mediterranean

Main Course:

Mirchi Oink Oink – Chefs Arun Ponappa and Divya – China

Haka-Khoka Noodles – Chefs Vish and Veena – China

Rasta Wasta Pasta – Chefs Ram Sheshu, Pradeep Rao, RR and Vivek – Italy

Lasagne-Chicken & Lamb – Chefs Mustali and Insiya – Italy

Arroz Mexicana – Chefs Shailesh Shah and Archana – Mexico

Black Magic – Chefs Hemant Mane and Uma – Fusion Japanese and Thailand

Safed-Hariyali – Chefs Srinivas Garudachar and Sunita – Thailand

Shawarma – Chefs Solomon, Rosa and Tarshish – Mediterranean


Round and Round Phirni- Chef Vanita Singh- India

Trifle Pudding – Chefs Lal Bhatia and Manju – England

Pica Boo Pecan Pie- Chef Arjun Srivatsa – USA

Leche Pastel Milk Cake – Chefs Rajesh Jain and Meena – Mexico


Orangutan – Orange Infused Rum – Chef Ujwala Mandagi

Lal Lal Gaal – Vodka Infused Watermelon – Chef Ujwala Mandagi

Regular Cocktails – Chef Vineetha Chinappa

Chef Ashish Kumar Sanyal from Lalit Ashok, Chef Krishna Shanthakumar from Ebony and Kavitha Pishay, President of Inner wheel Club Bangalore were the judges. Considering the high level of competency and lip smacking dishes the judges had an extremely difficult time selecting the winners. However, the amazing toppers in each category were as follows:


Winner: Rasam-e-Khas – Raghunathan and Supriya

Runner Up: Chicken Soup for the Rotarian Soul – Deepak Nakra and Margaret


Joint Winners:

Soma Tun Papaya Salad- Kalyani Talukdar;

Kalingad-e-Akrod Watermelon Feta Salad – Amit Bahirath


Winner: Brush-Hettu Bruschetta – Sukhen and Bina with Usha Kapse

Runner up: Sasamo-Samosa – Samrat and Pooja

Main Course:

Winner: Arroz-Mexicana – Shailesh Shah and Archana

Runner Up: Safed Hariyali – Srinivas Garudachar and Sunita


Winner: Pica Boo Pecan Pie- Dr Arjun Srivatsa

Runner up: Trifle Pudding – Lal Bhatia and Manju

Each participant deserves an applause and as always, the true Winner is Fellowship

at RCB. The success of the program was there for all to see, when it was evident that not even an iota of any dish was available at the end and one could only admire the smiling faces. Kudos to Master Chef Nilesh and team. “Yeh taste buds Mange More.”

Rtns. Dileep Kumar, Kirti Lokhande and Naveen Sreedhara.

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