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EXEMPLAR RECOGNITION – In the times of Covid

Rotary Club of Bangalore
invites you to apply or nominate real-life heroes who make a difference to your City. The ones who pursue their dreams, work relentlessly, overcome challenges and achieve the impossible. They make us proud.


  • Citizen Extraordinaire
  • Corporate Citizen
  • Pride of Work
  • Outstanding NGO
  • Youth lcon
  • Environment Conservation
  • Start-Up Success

Recognition will be on 14th March 2022 Judges will be prominent citizens of Bengaluru.


OBJECTIVE: To recognize & confer upon an extraordinary citizen of Bangalore City who has put Bangalore on the International map by the sheer excellence in his/her vocation leading to a great impact on Society.

a.    A citizen of Bangalore – having made it his/her home
b.    Have his/her vocation headquartered in Bangalore
c.    An impeccable profile
d.    Achieved excellence in his/her calling and made Bangalore proud by making an impact on not only the immediate community but also the world at large.
e.    Has significantly contributed towards making a difference in people’s life in this pandemic.

a.    Prof CNR Rao
b.   Dr Krishna Bhargava
c.    Prof UR Rao
d.   Mr Prakash Padukone
e.   Mr Suresh Heblikar
f.     Ms Arundhati Nag
g.    Ms Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
h.   Mr Anil Kumble
i.     Dr Ravindra A

Checklist of documentation

  • Completed application and declaration
  • List of achievements

OBJECTIVE: To recognize & confer upon a Corporate Entity of impeccable track record who have not only contributed to wealth generation of all its stakeholders but have also impacted the local community.

a.    The Entity should have an impeccable reputation in the conduct of its business.
b.   The Entity should have appropriate Corporate Governance processes including Independent Directors on the Board and a clear Management structure.
c.    The Entity should demonstrate Equal Opportunity Employment practices and should be fair towards all its employees.
d.   The Company should treat its vendors in a fair and equitable manner and have transparent procurement processes.
e.   The Company should have a structured CSR program.
f.      The Company should have operations in the State of Karnataka and its CSR activities should have a positive impact in the State.
g.    The Company should demonstrate a vision to be a good Corporate Citizen and be in a position to articulate steps taken to realize this vision.
h.   This award will be given under two categories
                     I.    Large Companies with turnover above Rs 200 Cr annually, or Part of a large group that meets the above criteria
                   II.    Medium size companies with a turnover of upto Rs 200 Cr not part of a large group but Professionally managed
i.     Companies excluded from consideration – Companies promoted or owned by Rotarians from RCB, Companies in Liquor or Tobacco industry & Government departments
j.     The company should have made significant contribution towards solving some of the challenges in these covid times.

Brooke Bond, ITC, WIDIA, Titan Industries, Biocon, Astra Zeneca.

Checklist of documentation

  • Completed application and declaration
  • List of achievements
  • Details of CSR activities over last 2 years
  • Details of sexual harassment policy in force
  • Copy of last 3 years annual accounts
  • Independence of CSR Committee

OBJECTIVE: To recognize an NGO for its outstanding service to the community in the following fields:
a)     Literacy,
b)     Health.

a.    The NGO must have been registered either under the state or the Central Government.
b.   Has been providing service for at least five years.
c.    Non-political and non-religious.
d.   Based in and around Bangalore.
e.   The NGO should have a team of at least 10 members (not a one man show).
f.     Must have impacted a large section of the community especially in the areas of Covid.
g.    Has not received any significant award in the past.

Checklist of documentation

  • Completed application and declaration
  • List of achievements
  •  Registration details and status of NGO
  • Attach current FCRA registration
  • Last 3 years annual published reports/accounts
  • NGO Organization Structure with roles described

OBJECTIVE: To recognize and acknowledge such people who take pride in their calling whether it be a craftsman, a tradesman, a service provider or an artisan carrying forward a heritage.

a.    The person/s should be from the State of Karnataka
b.   He/she should be either self-employed or an employee of a bigger organization on the shop-floor level.
c.    Must be recognised by his/her employers for creativity, excellence in workmanship, punctuality & maturity of co-operative work.
d.   Must be a mentor & a role model for the juniors in the organisation or be recognized for carrying forward an age old traditional skill or art.
e.   Could also be a dropout/maverick – having made it on his/her own by taking the path less travelled and followed their dreams.
f.     He / She has volunteered beyond the call of duty for covid related activities.

Checklist of documentation

  • Completed application and declaration
  • List of achievements
  • Copy of PAN Card, Adhar Card, Passport

OBJECTIVE: The Start-Up award is aimed to recognize the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of individual(s) who have had the foresight to envision a new future, dared to dream about its creation and have recognized that the devil is in the execution. This award is open to all the entities established in Karnataka.


a.     Entities established in Karnataka and should ideally be less than 5 years.
b.     The enterprise should have created and delivered value for the target market, the environment and community.
c.      Should have been a great motivating factor for the promoters in starting the venture – what have they given up to pursue this dream?
d.     Track record – from ideation to execution, what has been the track record – what is the feedback from the customers and market place? What kind of fiscal discipline has been followed by the enterprise?
e.     How has the enterprise impacted during this covid time

Checklist of documentation

  • Completed application and declaration
  • List of achievements
  • Details of sexual harassment policy in force
  • Copy of last 3 years annual accounts
  • Details of the Start-Ups value proposition and track record
  • Back ground information on the list of promoter/investors

OBJECTIVE: To recognize individuals or NGOs who have made a significant impact in the field of:
a)      conservation & protection of forests; and
b)     Water Conservation;
either by disseminating information & publicity or by direct action that has ensured that the society’s mind set has changed and actions initiated towards environmental issues.
a.      Integrity of its grass root campaigners.
b.     Number of years in existence.
c.      Complexity and scale of impact.
d.      Complexity and challenges of the intervention in terms of effectively combining advocacy, scientific knowledge, social context and crafting a win-win solution.
e.      Path-breaking / pioneering work entering unchartered territory and implementing interventions that were hitherto not accomplished.
f.       Effecting a paradigm change.
g.      To reinivent oneself to protect the environment in these covid times.

Checklist of documentation

  • Completed application and declaration
  • List of achievements
  • PAN/Adhar/Passport of Individual or Registration details and current FCRA in case of NGO

OBJECTIVE: To recognize & confer upon an extraordinary youth of Karnataka, who has been an iconic role model for the Indian Youth; and has played a significant mentoring role in inspiring, guiding and assisting youth to achieve their dreams.


  1. Less than 30 years of age
  2. Dared to dream and achieved them with sheer perseverance, dedication, discipline and hard work.
  3. An impeccable profile.
  4. Achieved a position of repute/standing in the chosen area of vocation.
  5. Have a fan following.
  6. Have demonstrated through actions care for the community and environment in the covid stricken society..

Checklist of documentation

  • Completed application and declaration
  • List of achievements
  • PAN, Adhar, Passport details
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