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Donation of Flooring Tiles to Tribal school VGKK in B. R. Hills During the Youth Services Committee’s recent visit to VGKK school in BR Hills, it was noticed that there was an urgent requirement for building materials for the construction of new classrooms and an auditorium.
Fortunately, President Vincent remembered that a stock of tiles was available with Rotary Orchards. He immediately used his good offices and requested the Orchards President Rtn.

Dwaraknath to help this deserving school by making available tiles for 5000 sq ft of Flooring.

Thanks are due to Rtn. Dwaraknath and Rtn. Ravi Kumar, Director, Community Services of Rotary Orchards for facilitating the immediate delivery and despatch of tiles to B. R. Hills.

Rtn. Ramkrishna Mudgal

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