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Consul’s Night

Commendable Consul’s Nite

This year  the International Services Committee decided to conduct its annual gala Consul’s Nite a little differently. Instead of hosting multiple Consuls General together,  the focus was on one nation – Germany. Introduced to RCB through the good offices of Rtn. Deepak Nakra, the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bangalore, Her Excellency Margit Hellwig-Bötte, graciously consented to be our chief guest for the evening. She was welcomed with a uniquely cross-cultural entertainment; the presentation of a traditional Bavarian dance performance by a few Indian employees of Bangalore-based Trivium eSolutions, an IT company with a strong Germany connect.

Establishing an immediate rapport with the assembled Rotarians with her easy-going informality, the Consul General’s address focused on the post WWII history and politics of Germany culminating in its costly but highly successful reunification after the fall of the Berlin Wall, as well as the evolution of the European Union and its positive impact on peace and economic and social development in Europe.  Illustrating the strength and depth of the German business economy, especially the SME sector, she credited innovation, quality control, reliability and mechanical engineering expertise as the key factors behind the growth of Germany’s economic might.

Coming to the substantial and growing German business footprint in India, especially Bangalore, the Consul General identified the pairing of Indian IT expertise (and jugaad-based flexibility) with German manufacturing brawn as a win-win. While realistic about structural impediments facing German SMEs as they strive to tap into India’s digital expertise, she expressed confidence that the nascent Indo-German business ecosystem would thrive.

Following the formal proceedings, the Consul General, accompanied by her spouse, Herr Gerd Bötte, a gratifyingly large representation from the German Consulate staff, and representatives of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, joined Club members and guests for an exceptional evening highlighted by the sumptuous gastronomic fare prepared by Rtn. Nilesh Kapse and his cohort of RCB chefs. Congratulations to International Services Director Rtn. Kamalacharan for putting up a wonderful program.

Rtn. Vijay Rao

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