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Governing Council at Rotary Muthappa Attavar Hospital

The first meeting of the governing council of the Attavar Trust, Rajarajeshwari Medical College and Hospital, Rajarajeswari Dental College and Hospital, and a member of Rotary Club of Bangalore for the Rotary year 2019-20 was held at the corporate office of the Indo American Hybrid Seeds (I) Pvt Ltd, Channasandra, Bangalore on Friday 23rd August.

The Rotary Club of Bangalore was represented by PP Rtn Dr Asha Khatri, President Rtn Elizabeth C Paramesh, Community Service Director – Rtn Dileep Kumar Pillai and Secretary  Rtn Vineetha Chinappa.

 The Dental Centre was represented by Dr. Padma, and Dr. Santhosh. The Department of Community Medicine was represented by Dr Shashikala, Dr. Swapna, and Medical Officer in charge of the centre, Dr Padma.

PP Dr Asha Khatri presided over the meeting. The meeting started with a silent invocation and a tribute to the late Rtn Dr Manmohan Attavar who was instrumental in setting up the centre, with a focus on healthcare for the underprivileged, specially garment workers, and migrant population at construction sites.

Six thousand families have been adopted and have been screened and related for non-communicable diseases, hypertension, thyroid disorders, diabetes and a host of other illnesses. The medico-social workers take up the task of visiting houses where poorer sections of population reside and collect information regarding size of family   and their health conditions and creating awareness about hypertension, diabetes, and nutritional status and ask them to visit the centre.

Dr. Shashikala spoke about the working of the centre with special focus on Maternal and Child Health, and emphasized  the mental well-being of women. This program has been running for the past four years.

A request for Folic acid, Iron and Calcium supplements for pregnant women was made by Dr. Shashikala

This being of the focus areas of Rotary International “Maternal and Child Health,  our President Rtn Elizabeth C Paramesh readily agreed to contribute towards the same.

Camps are arranged for school children, adolescent education concerning aspects of nutrition, menstrual hygiene and exercise as part of the focus areas. In addition the centre treats patients under various specialities. Those needing tertiary care are referred to the main hospital.

The President was particular about getting the physiotherapy unit functional and Dr Shashikala assured us that it would be functional from  the 1st September.

The Dental centre, set up during Past President Mohan Gurjar’s year, is a great boon for the community. Dr Padma gave brief details about treatment options, follow-up, and thanked Rotary Bangalore, for giving them  an opportunity to serve the poorer sections, and for the benefits that are not affordable in a private set up!

She has requested for a Dental X-ray Unit that would cost  around one and half lakhs  that would help in the treatment of Root Canal procedures, which is an expensive procedure in a private setup.

Dr Asha Khatri said we receive regular statistics, from both the Dental Centre and the OPD screenings in a detailed format.

Rotary Club of Bangalore President Elizabeth Cherian addressed the group and remembered the late Rtn Dr Manmohan Attavar who she said was the motivation for this project. She also thanked Dr Asha Khatri who has been instrumental in the commencement and functioning of this centre.

To the requests from the centre for additional support in terms of facilities, she mentioned that Rotary Club of Bangalore has various focus areas and our resources need to be spread among all areas of focus. She highlighted the landmark achievements of the Club and also consented to provide medicines for the pregnant and lactating mothers visiting the centre.

She conveyed her appreciation to the doctors and staff of Rajarajeshwari hospital, Attavar Trust and Dr Asha Khatri for the successful functioning of the centre

The members of the Attavar trust expressed their happiness and gratitude to the hospital and to Rotary Club of Bangalore for their dedicated efforts.

Dr. Shashikala proposed a vote of thanks and the meeting was adjourned.

A light fellowship was arranged by the members of the Trust and was followed by Rashmi Attavar taking us around the farm  that had flowers blooming,  reminding us once again about this wonderful gentleman, the late Dr Manmohan Attavar who has given so much to society !

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