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Improv Show – The Adamant Eves

A weekly Monday rendezvous of the members of the Rotary Club of Bangalore was embellished with 40 minutes of high energy Improv entertainment. Improv short for Improvisation is a theatrical art form where everything is improvised or made up moment by moment. The audience played a participatory role by giving suggestions to the performers that become their inspiration.

A typical impromptu dialog  ran thus:

 “Sir, I have been here for one week and nobody is giving me my papers.”

“Madam, you are at a government office. Best that you forget about it.”

So went the exchange between two characters at an IT office performed by the improvisers of the group, Improv Comedy Bangalore (ICB). The audience were roaring with laughter at not just the above improvised scene but for many other acts that were presented by the performers Snehil Basoya, Kavya Srinivasan, Shweta Bhat, Arjun Mehra and Nasir Engineer.

For this show, the performers of ICB were overwhelmed by the high octane levels of the members themselves that served as fuel to charge up their energy on stage. As one audience member who had never seen Improv before shouted in the first 5 minutes of the show “WE ARE ALREADY HAVING A BLAST!”

ICB is a professional Improv theatre company.  They have performed many shows in Bangalore – all of which are acted with a minimum of props and no sets.

 They have also conducted workshops and coaching for the general public and for the corporates. They even hosted India’s only Improv festival called the Bengaluru Improv Festival. Another performance will be held in November, 2019.

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