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Open House

When everything is hunky dorey and heading towards a desired path, one tends to feel everything is perfect … But is it … ??

When you have a Centennial Celebration coming your way in just about a decade, what is it that a club of 88 years is required to do to make it grand …

To answer these questions the Board of 2022-23 felt it was a good idea for the general body to introspect & to donn its thinking caps … ! !

Thus the idea of an Open House came about … ! !

Rtn. Shivaprasad Krishnan the moderator, set the ball rolling with the do’s & don’ts.
A very lively discussion on what needed to be changed right from the chairs & the fans to the very building came forth.
There were suggestions on how to get in more members attending regular meetings & the right numbers required for a effective and vibrant club like ours .. ! !

Members also suggested projects that could emulate the likes of the TTK Blood Bank as projects for the Centennial celebration. It was also suggested to form a special think tank compromising of past presidents to chart the way for the Centennial celebration.

Another wonderful suggestion was to conduct large scale vaccinations for adolescent girls & women to eradicate cervical cancer. A suggestion was also put forward to make RBV better, bigger & look at starting a college too. After a good 45 minutes of productive discussion the meeting was closed to be continued ….. !!!

All in all , a good beginning for a brighter future of RCB …..


Glimpses Of Open House

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