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Rtn. M.C. Dinesh


The Man Who Believes “It’s always about We, not Me”

To be a successful entrepreneur is in itself a blessing and an achievement that stands out in society. Sri M.C. Dinesh, a first generation entrepreneur and one of the most well known Printers in Bengaluru (Vimalaa Impressions) is not only an exemplary example of entrepreneurial success, but also a father figure for people connected to industry and has dedicated his life to the development of Karnataka’s Trade, Industry & Services Sectors.

Dinesh has an enviable track record as an advocate of Industry & Trade, first as President of Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association (KASSIA) and later as President of the Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FKCCI). Currently, he continues to be actively engaged with representatives of Industry & Trade as Past President of FKCCI.

Leading the Federation into its First Year in its Second Centenary, Dinesh had the historic privilege of opening the FKCCI’s Centenary Building which was inaugurated by Hon’ble, Chief Minister Sri Siddaramaiah and Minister for Large & Medium Industries and Infrastructure, Sri R.V. Deshpande. Dinesh was also instrumental in getting a Grant of Rs 10 crore sanctioned by the Government of Karnataka for commissioning the FKCCI Centenary Building, Research Cell, and Capacity-building.

The new state-of-art Centenary Auditorium today stands as a symbol of pride and a Monument to Industry, Commerce & Trade, and also at the same time will preserve for posterity Dinesh’s name in whose tenure the dream of thousands of entrepreneurs was realized.

Recognizing Dinesh’s humongous expertise and experience, the Government of Karnataka included him as a Member in the Vision Group constituted to further expand the industrial footprint in the State and increase the State’s contribution to GDP.

As FKCCI President, Sri Dinesh also had the distinction of being a part of the Select Delegation to USA and France for Invest Karnataka to promote Karnataka as the preferred destination for investors, led by Hon’ble Minister for Large & Medium Industries and Infrastructure, Sri R.V. Deshpande.

As a Special Invitee for the 9th AKKA (Association of Kannada Kootas of America) 2016 Business Forum in USA, Dinesh as President of FKCCI, passionately explained how the FKCCI acts as the bridge between investors and the Government and also how Karnataka was the number one Destination for FDI in India as well as for investment flows from other States, given its pre-eminent status as India’s pioneer in ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’, ‘Start-Up India’; its internationally recognized status as a robust manufacturing hub; global powerhouse in IT, Bio- Technology, etc

Dinesh also played a significant role in organizing State-Level Investors Meets at Coimbatore and Gauribidanur that resulted in attracting investments of more than Rs.15,000 crores.

During his tenure, the FKCCI also expanded its influence and stature at the global level, signing MoU with the Industries Association of Czech Republic in the city of PRAGUE; strengthening Business Cooperation with the Government of Dubai; leading a 17-Member Delegation to Harare, Zimbabwe, among many other initiatives.

Dinesh has widely travelled across the world including Europe, USA and Far East and attended many exhibitions and Conferences. He has been honoured by many Trade Bodies and other organizations including at the US based AKKA (Association of Kannada Kootas of America) conference.

Earlier to serving the FKCCI, Dinesh as President of Karnataka Small Scale Industries Association (KASSIA) also is fondly remembered for the most widely appreciated Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of KASSIA and the commissioning of the state-of-art KASSIA Udyog Bhavan.

In his social life, Dinesh as a Rotarian, has been actively involved in many philanthropic activities for the welfare of the needy.

Mr. Dinesh, a Rotarian, (Rotary Club of Bangalore) brings dynamism, commitment, energy into his role as the President of FKCCI.

An inspirational personality, Dinesh confesses that more than addressing industry forums, national and international conferences, seminars, etc, the one closest to his heart is interacting with the country’s youth. “We always learn from the young, and it is not the other way around, as is commonly believed,” he says. This, perhaps, defines Dinesh’s attitude to life: Constantly learning – since learning is a process and there is no end to it.

Summing up, his mantra in life is: “It’s always about We, not Me”.


Rtn. M.C. Dinesh

Founder – Vimalaa Impressions