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Public Speaking, Effective communication and reading skill session at Raintree school Jaynagar

We had 60 students attend our Training program today at Raintree school Jaynagar.
The students were introduced to concepts of Public Speaking and asked to practically use the skills they learnt and were given feedback.
Session also touched upon effective communication and reading skills.
The session started with a quiz based on a wildlife video which is entirely filmed in Karnataka.
Students were also given couple of examples on how to go about choosing a career.
(Great to see students aspiring to be IAS officers and Army Officers apart from many other professions)

Overall the session was very effective where the students were introduced to visulization techniques to succeed in life. All the learning happened through fun games and activities and made it memorable for the trainers and the students.

The teachers and the principal were very thankful for the session.
Feedback from Students: Self confidence, Visualization, Concentration
Learning through fun and games
Learnt Skills like Public Speaking, reading, Presenting Effectively
Now I believe that I am a Winner

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