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A wearable device for the blind/visually impaired incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision and Machine Learning. It is a Virtual guide to the blind a improves their ability to navigate.

Rotary Club of Bangalore donated smart vision glasses to 32 visually challenged children at an event at Rotary House of Friendship. RCB executed the project in collaboration with Ishya Foundation, Vision
Aid India and Dirak.
The glasses, which costs a total of Rs. 10 Lakhs, were given to children from the Sneha Deep Trust for disabled. These were the children in the 12-18 age group, who were fully or partially blind. The glasses, developed by SHG Technologies Pvt. Ltd, have a device attached to its side which is enabled with Flash, Lidar, Bluetooth Microphone and a small Speaker. It can be linked with the user’s smart phone.
The device reads out printed or handwritten text aloud in English and common Indian languages. It can identified objects and describe them, which can guide the user when walking in public places. It also
warns the user of obstacles in front of them. The device can also describe people’s faces and expression, and identify faces that the user had previously saved on it.
The glasses benefit people who are blind by birth, those who have severe glucoma, diabetic, retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, vision loss due to stroke and damage to optical nerves. The children were also trained on using the glasses, at the event. “We will visit this school, after a week to resolve any doubts the children have and this will continue every 3 months.” said IPPRtn. R. Girish.


  • Identifies the objects around you
  • Reads text/manuscripts in multiple Indian languages
  • Alerts obstacle when you are walking
  • Identifies faces of your friends and loved ones
  • Braille coded keys for easy operation
  • Emergency/panic button – sends your location to your loved ones
  • Help Desk support from the device
  • Smart touch keys for easy operation
  • Works under all light conditions
  • LIDAR technology for obstacle detection
  • Baille coded for key identification
  • Lightweight
  • Audio tutorial
  • Automatic device update
  • Works offline for obstacle detection
  • Reads in English and Hindi omine.
  • Offline support in walking assistance
  • Ability to read and navigate

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