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Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya – Study Tour

An educational tour was arranged for the students of RBV. 87 students and 23 staff from the RBV school participated in the educational tour to Shravan Belagola, Haleebedu and Belur on the 27th of July. The tour started at 5 am from RBV with a visit to Shravana Belagola, and a close  darshan of the monolithic  statue of  Lord Gomteshwara   with  a beautiful view of the surrounding areas from the Hill top. The next  place to visit was Halebeedu,  the ancient capital of the Hoysala Kingdom  which is now in Hassan. An experienced guide explained   about the Hoysala architecture and how the temple was built. 

After a sumptuous  lunch the group visited  the  Yegacha Dam Bridge and then visited  the famed temple complex at  Belur.  and returned back to Bangalore on time and safely .

The  Vocational Services team had organised biscuits and snacks to the children. It is planned to have educational tours once in two years,  so that it may serve the best interest of  the  school,staff and students.

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