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ROTARY CLUB OF BANGALORE – Distributed Flood Relief Kits

Bangalore City witnessed heavy rains which led to unprecedented flooding over the past few days. News and Social Media articles started emerging of posh villa communities and slums in the Bellandur area being inundated as the water levels rose.

Hearing of the impoverished families in the neighbouring slums who have been severely impacted and have lost most (if not all) they possess, the members of Rotary Club of Bangalore formed a Flood Relief Team who swung into action to help the families affected in Munnekollal.

The team managed to raise close to Rs. 4,00,000 from generous members of the Club, Bagaria Foundation, Round Table 174 and others. The money was used to purchase 530 ‘Survival Kits’ which included 2 Blankets, 5 kgs Rice, 2 kgs Daal, & 2 kgs Sugar. An equal number of hot meals were donated by the Prestige Group.
The ‘Survival Kits’ were well received by the affected families which helped them to tide over the impact of the floods. They expressed their gratitude and happiness for the much needed help they received.

After distributing the kits we left the place knowing that our efforts helped in supporting the needy families.

Rtn Jayant Gauri

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