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Rotary Club of Bangalore organized an Art Therapy session.

Rotary Club of Bangalore organized an Art Therapy session on 23 August at the Government High School at Bidalur at 1030 for the 9 and 10 std students by Rtn Jyothi from Kalaynagar Rotary Club.
Rtn Rashmi T Rtn Anand Rtn Vijay and Rtn Sneha attended the event.

An eye camp was organized by Rtn Dr Ravi Kumar and Rtn Ashok K with Idristi Eye Hospital last month in this school We handed over the spectacles to the children who needed them.
The school had a joyous atmosphere as we all were celebrating our President Nalinis Birthday with a delicious lunch for 100 students staff and visitors.

The students were dressed in their colorful best and the whole school wore a festive look.
Rtn Vijay A Rtn Anand and Rtn Sneha visited the Government High School in Karohalli Devanhalli Taluk to hand over spectacles to the students who had the eye camp held last month by Rtn Dr Ravi Kumar Rtn Ashok K and Idristi Eye Hospital.

President Nalini donated to the Cataract Surgery conducted by RCB and Idristi Eye Hospital

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