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RID 3190’s First Ever Cooking Contest

The District Club Service team successfully conducted a ‘first of its kind’ event in Rotary – the *Rotary MasterChef cooking contest* on 20 & 21 February, 2021.

The two-day event had around 34 participants with 7 finalists and 3 winners. Every attempt was made to create a World-class cooking experience & all participant will vouch for this.

The finalists were given different types of challenges and they all excelled in meeting the same expertly. The top three won by a whisker, mainly because of the innovation, creativity and resentation.

The prize winners are as follows:

III prize: Rtn. Nilesh Kapse & Rtn.Jigisha from RCB – Rotary Club Bangalore & RMB Rotary Means Business

II prize: Rtn.Shobha Murali & Rtn. Harini Ravindranath from Rotary Bangalore Cubbonpark & Rotary Bangalore Jayanagar

I prize: Rtn. Asha Purushotham & Rtn. Sharmila Mehta from Rotary Bangalore Cubbonpark All the judges were from the Cooking Studio & none of them were from the family of Rotary Thanks to Cooking Studio for giving us a World-class cooking experience.

Wholehearted to CSD Ashwini Masti for her role in leading the show & to her Club, Rotary Bangalore Kanakapura Road for being a lead club. The program was co-sponsored by tbc Sky Lounge which belongs to our President, Rtn. Vincent P. Raj, who has also sponsored the ‘Dinner for two’ prizes for the event. The special feature of the contest is that the prize-winning recipe will be on the menu of tbc Sky Lounge on a Sunday for Rotarians to enjoy.

Rtn. Jigisha Rajguru

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