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The Youth Service committee conducted “Rotary Premier League 2023” an annual event consisting of multiple sports, such as Table Tennis, Badminton, Tennis, Snooker, Golf, Chess, Bridge, and Scrabble.

Teams participating in this year’s edition were, Vineetha’s Panthers, Omana’s Tigers, Sangamitra’s Sharks, Pooja’s Hawks.

A total participation of 54 members for all the sporting events held from January 20th 2023, to February 1st 2023.

Program Championed by Rtn. Sandeep Ohri and other individual champions for all events in a professional manner.

Event 1: Table Tennis – Championed by PP. Rtr. Krishnarjun

Date: 20/01/2023 Venue: Karnataka Table Tennis Association

Gold – Pooja’s Hawks [Krishnarjun, Abhijith, Bharath, Pooja]

Silver – Vineetha’s Panthers [Guthi. J, Satish. S, Shailesh Rudra]

Bronze – Sangamitra’s Sharks [Jayanth Rudra, Davis, Sridhar HS, Sandeep. S]

Event 2: Bridge – Championed by Rtn. E.G.P Haran

Date: 21/01/2023 Venue: Rotary House of Friendship

Gold – Vineetha’s Panthers [Srichand Rajpal, Annabelle Manwaring]

Silver – Sangamitra’s Sharks [Raghunathan, Sangamitra]

Bronze – Pooja’s Hawks [Viswanathan, Haran]

Event 3: Badminton – Championed by Rtn. Bharath V R

Date:25/01/2023 Venue: KSCA, Game Format: SINGLES

Gold – Pooja’s Hawks [Bharath]

Silver – Sangamitra’s Sharks[Jayanth Rudra]

Bronze – Vineetha’s Panthers [Guthi. J]

Game Format: DOUBLES,

Gold – Pooja’s Hawks [Bharath, Anil]

Silver – Vineetha’s Panthers [Guthi, Ritesh]

Bronze – Pooja’s Hawks [Naveen, Raj]

Event 4: Lawn Tennis – Championed by Rtn. Rajshekar. B. N

Date: 25/01/2023 & 26/01/2023 Venue: KSCA

Gold – Sangamitra’s Sharks [Rajshekar B N, Mustali Vagh, Chethana Arjun]

Silver – Omana’s Tigers [Sunitha, Sanjay Jain]

Bronze – Pooja’s Hawks [Samrat Ghodke, Krishnarjun]

Event 5: Snooker – Championed by Rtn. Hemanth Many

Date: 26/01/2023 Venue: KSBA

Gold – Vineetha’s Panthers [Adithya Subramanyam]

Silver – Vineetha’s Panthers [Hemanth Manay]

Bronze – Pooja’s Hawks [Samrat Ghodke]

Event 6: Chess – Championed by Rtn. Davis Jose

Date: 27/01/2023 Venue: Rotary House of Friendship

Gold – Omana’s Tigers [Vijayrajan]

Silver – Omana’s Tigers [Siddarth Javali]

Bronze – Sangamitra’s Sharks [Sukumaran]

Event 7: Scrabble – Championed by Rtn. Sneh Shekhawat

Date: 27/01/2023 Venue: Rotary House of Friendship

Gold – Omana’s Tiger [Usha Subramanyam]

Silver – Vineetha’s Panthers [Satish. S]

Bronze – Sangamitra’s Sharks [Sukumaran]

Event 8: Golf – Championed by Rtn. Naveen Sridhara

Date: 01/02/2023 Venue: Bangalore Golf Club

Game Format: SINGLES

Gold – Pooja’s Hawks [Naveen Sridhara]

Silver – Vineetha’s Panthers [Manjunath Anekar]

Bronze – Omana’s Tigers [Kashinath Pai]

Game Format: DOUBLES

Gold – Pooja’s Hawks [Naveen Sridhara, Uma Manay]

Silver – Omana’s Tigers [Kashinath Pai, Vanita Singh]

Bronze – Vineetha’s Panthers [Manjunath Anekar, Shailesh Rudra]

Final Standing post completion of all events are as follows:

1st Place – Pooja’s Hawks

2nd Place – Vineetha’s Panthers

3rd Place – Omana’s Tigers

4th Place – Sangamitra’s Sharks

Rotary Premier League 2023



– Rtn. Sandeep Srinivasamurthy

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