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Any activity that combines service and fun is something to look forward to. On Sunday, March 14, a team from RCB headed to BR Hills to complete a few projects at the VGKK School. Plus bond with nature, particularly wildlife.

The primary reason for the trip, of course, was the RYLA at the VGKK School

On Day 1 the team visited the Primary Health Centre at Yelandur, which has been supported by RCB.

After an amazing lunch at Gorukhana a few of us left for Kgudi for a safari. Later there was a memorable performance of song and dance by the Soliga Tribe Folk Team around a campfire. It was thrilling to see our members actively participating in the tribal dance showcase. It was an eye-opener to learn and understand more about the tribe, their origin, culture, habits and passion.

Did you know that the cost of marriage in Soliga tribe costs only 12 Rupees 50 paise? The marriage process itself is unique. After a dance night around the campfire, if the girl likes a boy from the tribe, she can throw a small stone at him, and if he likes her too their marriage is official. We also learnt that the tribal folks earlier used to take bath only once a year and

were still very healthy. Now they take bath almost every day but they are haunted by more health issues. They also can identify the presence of animals in the area. We also dedicated a folk song to the team before we ended the session. Rtn. Hemanth Manay was seen on the drums and Rtr.Krishnarjun on vocals. The night ended with Dinner and Fellowship.

Day 2 started with a few of the members heading out to see the sunrise. This was followed by a walk around the Gorukhana Campus.

After breakfast we headed to the VGKK School. We were taken on a lovely tour of the campus followed by introduction to the facilities. Everyone was very impressed by the quality of equipment as well as the beauty of nature in the campus. The scientific models and science labs were extremely well maintained. After the tour we immediately headed for the inauguration where all the members from RCB were introduced and presented a handmade bouquet from nature by kids of the school.

We then did an engaging RYLA for the kids. At the end of the program the kids believed that they were winners and they could achieve whatever they wanted to achieve in life with discipline, dedication and hardwork.

They also were introduced to the concept of effective communication, Public Speaking and Reading and also career choices in a fun and innovative manner. Rtn. Vincent Raj and Rtr.Krishnarjun(Chairman – Rotary Fellowship for Table Tennis in India) inaugurated the table tennis facility and also the training program for kids.

Rtr. Krishnarjun then conducted an introductory training session for the tribal kids and it was really promising to see the kids in action and seeing them trying to learn the sport with passion.

RCB is also planning to provide online and offline support for the development of table tennis players at the school. Hopefully we can produce some champs from this school in the near future.

Rtn. Meera Bai Shankar

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