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Utkarsh, a Rotary Inter- School Quiz Contest was organized by Rotary Bangalore DownTown on 4th Nov, 2023 at KSRP Police Public School, Koramangala, Bangalore.

Students from more than 120 schools participated in the quiz contest.The following students from Rotary Bangalore Vidyalaya participated in the Inter- School Quiz Contest-

8th Std. English medium – Darshan G
8th Std.Kannada medium – Gayitri
9th Std.English medium – Sahana S N
9th Std.Kannada medium – Rashmi S
10th Std. English medium – Preetham Gowda
10th Std Kannada medium – Jayanth B C

Our students received participation certificates after the first round as they were not eligible for the second round. The students were happy as they got an opportunity to participate in such mega contest.

-Rtn. Abhijit Shankar

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