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Yuva Yamini 2023

We invite you to participate in Yuva Yamini with the approval of your Guru.

          – If you are between 6-18 years of age                 

         –  as a vocalist or instrumentalist                     

          – as an individual or as a group. 

Groups of up to 5 are allowed to participate as one entry. Instrumental accompaniment is allowed, however not mandatory. If there is no accompaniment, a Sruthi/ Tanpura background is recommended. Participants can enroll in both group and individual formats with separate participation forms for each entry.  

Yuva Yamini 2023 will primarily be a Facebook event, where one video every 5-8 minutes would be released online on our channel/ page during the last two weeks of May.

Some selected local participants may be invited to perform in front of a limited audience of Rotary Club of Bangalore, during the first week of June, subject to availability of the venue.

The important associated dates are the following:

  • Last date for registration: May 12th, 2023
  • Last date for sending video entries: May 05th, 2023.        

Videos will need to be uploaded to a personal drive and the link will have to send to clearly mentioning the participants name and name, raga and tala of the song.

Video rules/ guidance Recap-                     

– The length of the video cannot exceed 5 mins. If the participant sings a creative piece before or along with the main song (Raag Alaap, Neraval, Kalpana Swaram, Khayaal), the video may extend up to 10 mins.                         

– The video will have to be in mp4 format.

– The video must be compressed and should be in HD format.

Every participant will get a certificate that will truly show our pride in your being a torch bearer of our Tradition.

The goal of the Yuva Yamini initiative is to provide a platform, to young aspiring practitioners, for public performance before an audience of classical music enthusiasts and to serve as a launch-pad in the hope, that the recognition and exposure they get, will inspire and propel them forward in their study  and practice of classical music. Hence this event should not be looked at as a competition.

There is no Participation Fee for this event.

  • Any further queries please Contact-
  • Rtn. Lalitha Shivaprasad – +9199005 25267
  • Rtn. Prasad Parasuraman – +919342253957
  • Rtn. Vasudha Parasuraman – +918431925309
  • Rtn. Pooja Srinivasamurthy – +919916659227
  • Rtn. Sandeep Srinivasamurthy – +919972520046

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